9 Increasing Reasons to Write a Book and Explode Your Service Business Profits

Earma Brown asked:

Have you considered writing a short book to increase your service business? Perhaps you are like most of us before taking the leap of faith, you wonder if it will give you the results you dream of. I can tell you this; monetizing your service business with a short book will pay you back BIG.

Here are 9 increasing reasons to throw caution to the wind and write your book now:

1. Increase your skill base. Write a book and develop a mini website to sell it on the Internet. If you optimize your book’s website well, people will visit it from all over the world and buy it. You may be thinking, I don’t know how to build a website much less optimize it. Take a class; hire a computer savy assistant. If a non techie person like the author of this article did, you can too.

2. Increase your self-esteem by sharing your know-how in your field. People are looking for a friendly expert to show them how to do things faster, easier and with more profit. You know; share all the short cuts & secrets of your business you’ve learned along the way.

3. Increase your credibility as a service expert. When you write a book, you get instant credibility with your colleagues and customers. They are more willing to work with you and trust you faster with book author as one of your titles. Remember, people tend to buy more and do business with people they trust.

4. Increase your ability to compete. A book sets you apart from the non-author colleagues in your field. Write a book this year and receive a boost of profits from your clients because they trust you more than your non-author competitors.

5. Increase your recognition by becoming a trusted voice in your field. After writing a book, more people will recognize you. Our societies still look up to authors. It gives you a claim to fame. Write a book filled with how-to, tips, illustrations and checklist. Share your customer success stories through case studies to inspire your audience.

6. Increase your customer list. One of your most valuable assets in your service business is your customer list. Your book presells your services to each customer that gets a copy. After enjoying your insightful book filled with helpful tips they are more open to purchasing your services.

7. Increase your list of services. Write a book and then launch your speaking services, counseling or coaching services with it. Also, you can create other information products as a companion of your book. All designed to further educate and help your service business clients.

8. Increase your ability to help more people. After writing your book, you gain the ability to reach around the world. Your book extends the reach of your hands to help others from across town to the other side of the globe. Take advantage of the Internet to promote your book online.

9. Increase your income by selling books at your speeches and especially your website. If marketed well, your book can be the beginning of a whole new income stream. After your book is written it becomes your 24 hour sales person promoting your service business everywhere it goes.

If you don’t get started writing your book now, your service business may never receive the increase it deserves. So go ahead; write a book and watch your service business profits explode like a rocket headed to the moon. Here’s to seeing your name in print!

Are you ready to discover how I wrote 9 books and how you can too?

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