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Wow Arena Tournament Aims Team Game or Cash Prize

Aiden King asked:

Have you been concerning Arena tournament since the time of first qualification round has begun? Do you know the Phase 2 of 2008 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament has been going for the real team game? Maybe you have already known the practice period, particular for qualification round, the unranked matches, which was scheduled starting on March 31, 2008 to the end on April 23, 2008.

In this Phase, all WoW tournament participants have enough time to practice to hone their strategies, try various team compositions, and gain difference of experiences of WoW playing with their team. At the Arena tournament, you will not only gain grant recognition and renown for prowess, but also earn your team a chance to win cash prizes. It is a real team work! However it’s different from standard Arena system matches for 2008 tournament according to official explained- as teams of this tournament will be competing on regional tournament realms and will be separated from the live WoW realms.

The great benefit is that they probably to be one of the top teams and win great awards at the regional finals and world championship! Of course the amount is higher than $ 200,000, but do not forget an entry fee to join the 2008 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament! I won’t say more about the fee, perhaps there are several reasons. Now let’s read the main reason: “the fee helps ensure that participants are invested in the competition and remain dedicated to it for the duration of the tournament” according to Blizzard’s reply.

Maybe it is now time for the real games to begin! If you haven’t signed up yet, please note the registration for the First Qualification Round, which will be possible from March 31, 2008 to May 6, 2008; note the Ranked Matches, which will start on April 23, 2008 an end on May 21, 2008 according to Blizzard’s statement. Let’s share your opinion about Team Game & Cash Prizes. Good luck to all competitors for glorious team game and cash prize!

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