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Why Organizational Leadership Training Should Create Visionary Leaders

Bill Thomas asked:

Organizational leadership training courses should help leaders create statements of vision, convincingly communicate their missions and connect visionary leadership strategies to their daily practice of leading others. 

Business leadership training and executive management training programs which empower leaders and give them tools, techniques and principles for presenting the vitality and inspirational elements of their visions will usually produce more successful leaders.

How can organizational leadership training help you develop vision statements and enable your missions to achieve the most demanding business improvement and executive management goals?

You’ll know how effective the visionary modules of your organizational leadership training and development efforts have been when your actions begin to payoff in producing these three fundamental imperatives :

1) You provide your followers with a compelling yet desirable vision of their possibilities which ensure their endeavors will result in achievements of lasting value;

2) You write your envisioned mission in clear, plain language so that your associates are able to run with and carry its meaning forward to others;

3) Your use the vision to indicate an appointed, yet significant time in the future and even though it appears to be delayed in coming, it will eventually become your reality.

Are You Becoming the Visionary Leader Others Need You to be?

“To be or not to be, that is the question.” – William Shakespeare

The challenge facing your organizational leadership training program is simply this – your business leadership or executive management training must prepare you to robustly serve the growth needs of your people by:

Helping them shape their desires, dreams and destinies

Enabling them to transcend their doubts, fears or anxiety of change, 

Empowering them to achieve the tangible, essential realistic products of the vision


You can best demonstrate your wisdom as well as your visionary leadership skills by physically and psychologically engaging your key partners and stakeholders in the development and expansion of your vision statements.

Your visioning process would involve those important people by employing their intellectual inputs of judgment, knowledge and imagination coupled with the emotional capital of their willingness, commitment and confidence.

Well-designed organizational leadership training courses can transform your latent talents into visionary leadership excellence. Business leadership training workshops or executive management training programs which feature elements of visioning and visionary leadership are worth their weight in gold.

In today’s knowledge-driven, global economy, your job title and duties in the workplace compel you to take action within the boundaries of a vision. This means you must be an effective professional leader who delivers 3 outcomes:

1) Do you weave tapestries of creative vision-based patterns [through your idea formation and opportunity-spotting exercises]?

2) How well do you sew and knit together the threads of themes, concepts and principles found within your particular base of knowledge [through mapping, modeling, or organizing the team’s journey or group’s adventure]?

3) What do you do that connects you to and gets you working with the inner motives, personal values and aspirations of your followers, partners and your stakeholders to forge committed, enthusiastic networks of powerful influence and competencies [through your efforts of coordinating, communicating, directing]?

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Bill Thomas directs the Leadership-Toolkit, Awesome Leaders and Innovation Leaders. His training and coaching of clients in 75 nations center on business, organizational leadership, innovation, strategy and technology issues. He writes, consults and teaches about the models, skills and resources knowledge professionals, managers and executives require for creating wealth in the Imagination Age.

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