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What Does Nursing Leadership Aim At?

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Nursing leadership aims at developing the skills of nurses and other allied health professionals. The nursing leadership congress has been designed to help nurses become catalysts and it provides an opportunity to share practical experiences in solving many problems in the health care industries. It focuses mainly on practical experience rather than theoretical approach.

European Nursing leadership Foundation has developed new programs for training nurses, mid wives and therapist consultants. They also offer services to increase personal effectiveness. They also help in developing strategies and business plans.

At present there is shortage in all levels of nursing. Even major hospitals and health institutions are facing severe shortage of nursing staff. Nursing staff shortage ultimately leads to lack of leaders in this field. However dedicated leaders are essential in nursing field. Nursing as a profession develops new nurses but it fails to develop the leadership capabilities among them. But nowadays absence of nursing leadership is recognized by various institutions. Nursing leadership theories are as follows;

There are several theories in nursing leadership which are mostly applicable to new nurse. The three main theories in nursing leadership are as follows;

* Quantum leadership

* Transformational leadership

* Dynamic leader follower relationship. 

Quantum leadership helps in decision making like when to call the doctor. The training will also help to evaluate applicable care plans and interventions. Transformational leadership merges the ideals of leaders and followers. It encourages others to work out leadership. Transformational leadership develops changes in health care systems. In this method, the managers motivate nurses to provide better feed back. It builds basic leadership with a new nurse.

Dynamic leader-follower relationship helps to identify the patient’s stress and immediate needs. The nurse can therefore develop the ability of achieving objectives through interpersonal perspectives. The basic fact behind this theory is that the leader follower exchanges are dynamic. This help in increasing the motivation and commitment of nurses. New nurse can therefore develop the ability of leadership.

The nurse can select any of the nursing leadership theories but she must be able to put her ideals in that theory. She must be able to use her potentiality full in that theory. She should be therefore careful enough in selecting a theory that suits her personality.

Nursing leadership institutes offer various programs to instill the motivation and commitment of a new nurse. These institutes monitor the national trends that affect the nursing leadership. These institutes also help new nurses to get creativity and train her in making proper decision. Dorothy M. Wyle Nursing leadership institute is one among them which helps to increase the potentiality of nurses.  They offer various programs at reduced fee. There are home based projects and self directed learning papers. However the nurse must meet some requirements to get these programs.

KP nursing leadership academy In California offers various courses to promote leadership qualities among new nurses. Moist of the courses are offered to all nurses. The nurses can also select a region to continue as distance learning in leadership. These courses will provide numerous benefits to nurses and health care institutions.

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