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One Million Visionaries Walking a Road Less Traveled

Michael Skye asked:

In todays rapidly changing world, we need visionaries. Visionary mothers, visionary educators, visionary leaders, visionary children–visionaries, period!

Many think of visionaries being those who have a special “gift” for thinking big, thinking creatively, etc. But consider that a visionary is simply someone who chooses to walk his or her own heroic path in life, inspired by his or her own vision. Most people do not choose the visionary path.

Many people focus on achieving “success”, “financial freedom” etc.; however this is easy to do without living a visionary life.

Many people also focus on “making a difference”, “leaving a legacy”, and “doing my small part” to “change the world”; yet this is easily done without living a visionary life.

Further, people focus on attaining “salvation”, “enlightenment” or “transformation”. Once again, pursuing these objectives is quite easily done without living a visionary life.

You can live a visionary life while pursuing any of the above objectives, however most people dare not tread in the realm where the visionary lives. The visionary life is anything but “easy”. Indeed, it is a road less traveled.

What we tend to do in life is seek noble goals, values and ideals, while staying safely within the realm of our psychological/intellectual position. We could say this is living a “positionary life”. Or living beneath the level of vision.

If this is so for you, then you’d be content with actions and solutions that compromise your highest values and ideals, and your path of conscious/spiritual/intellectual growth/evolution. You might not act like you like such actions and solutions, but you’d tolerate those actions in your life, as if there is no other practical alternative.

Thus, in various areas of your life you’d see 1) a great disparity between what you say you value and how you act, OR 2) that you’ve come to accept very low values, dreams and ideals OR 3) that you are not consciously evolving both your values and your actions to higher levels as you could be (more about this later).

Here is the kicker. Living beneath the level of vision, one can often not even see much evidence for 1, 2 or 3 above (Unbridled self-honesty is more accessible and prevalent at the level of vision). Thus we cannot see how much we cannot see, and so we think there’s not much that we don’t see.

Look around at the world today, and what do we see? People who are perfectly content with compromise solutions, as if we as human beings are not capable of rising to new levels where compromise is not necessary. As evidence of positionary thinking, I’d point to the acceptance of compromise as a valid, worthwhile and even noble approach in life, in marriage, in international relations, in politics, in business, etc.

Visionaries in general do not espouse compromise. Visionaries face what few do. Visionaries are more like warriors than dreamers, in that they walk the path, they face what there is to face, and as a result a vision that others cannot see emerges. In the same way that the man who does not climb the mountain cannot see what’s on the other side, those who do not walk a visionary path cannot see what the visionary can.

There is conversation in conscious communities about forming a campaign to recruit and train one million of today’s most conscious change agents in how to stand for all of humanity and lead the kind of visionary life that creates a world that works for everyone. It’s called the One Million Visionaries Campaign.

This initiative would bring the most advanced methods to those most ready to usher in a new era of consciousness for humanity. Those who are creating our future must have access to deeper levels of courage, compassion and vision–and the skills to inspire even their adversaries to stand with them.

Such initiatives and visionaries are what the world needs now. When it comes to creating our future, who will you be? What will you stand for? And will you have the strength to stand in a world so bitterly divided?


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