Transformational Leadership

Leadership Coaching for Executives

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One-to-One Leadership Coaching for Executives

Transactional leaders use conventional reward and punishment to bring on board the people they lead.

Transformational leaders offer a purpose – a vision – that those they lead can identify with.

Leadership Coaching for Executives are about Transformational Leadership. Leaders who go beyond the short-term and focus on something bigger.

It’s no holiday. First one must home-in on the strengths and weaknesses of your leaders to discover what’s needed to take them to the next level of their business and personal development. What they need to help them become transformational leaders – the people who make things happen.

A senior leadership coach is required. One that has experience in coaching, mentoring and leadership development. Using unique methods and approaches to get a message across

“Put at its simplest, transformational leaders are:

Charismatic – behave admirably; have a clear set of values; lead by example.

Inspiring – challenge those they lead with high standards; optimism; purpose. Give meaning to the job in hand; provide energy.

Stimulating – challenge the assumptions of those they lead; encourage creativity.

Thoughtful – attend to the needs of those they lead; mentor; respect the team.”

Do your Executives measure up?

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