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Hundred-fold-life-team: Working By And For Yourself, Can You Manage It

Douglas Miller asked:

Probably the biggest challenge for any home based business entrepreneur is not the art of finding financing for the new venture, but instead it is the ability to work solo without anyone there to either guide, mentor, or motivate the person. As a matter of fact, while it is true that many a home business fails for lack of money and income, it is the problem of staying motivated, on top of the game, and always ready and able to meet the obligations of being an entrepreneur on a personal level that presents a big obstacle to obtaining your Hundred-Fold-Life!

Sure, at the onset the idea of no longer have to deal with the office gossip, the constant interruptions, and also the crammed office space shared with two or three people might seem like a wonderful solution to all that ails you, but when it comes right down to business, you may find that working by and for yourself is a lot harder and more stressful than you might have had imagined at the onset!

As odd as it may sound, working by yourself is a huge distraction many a fresh baked entrepreneur has a hard time dealing with! Each and every sound it amplified; the dripping faucet beckons to be fixed, the dry plants suddenly seem to scream for the attention of the watering can, the little dog who is restfully sleeping might need a walk, and the blank computer screen shows some dust that needs to be removed – together with the dust on any stick of furniture in your home office.

Conversely, the inability to let off some steam and vent frustration makes it hard to stay motivated and get in the game of doing things. You may find that it was a lot easier to get your work done in a crammed office where you could let off witty one liners that got a chuckle out of your coworkers than it is to do similar work in the confines of your quiet home where nobody will provide that comic relief or the motivating slap on the back to keep you going for the next round of challenges.

Many home based business owners have found that the best way of dealing with the sounds of silence that seem to be so distracting is by turning on the TV or the radio to a station that does not necessarily play anything that is so interesting that it will completely distract you from your work but instead to just provide some background sounds to keep you going and your mind from hearing the little rustles and sounds that might tempt you to neglect your work in favor of housework. I have found it helpful to listen to classical music on a public broadcasting station with no commercials interruptions. The music, with no words or themes to distract me helps to keep me focused on the tasks at hand.

In addition to the foregoing, making a daily schedule and then checking off the items you complete as you go is a wonderful motivator to keep right on track! Even as it provides a visible method of checking your daily work progress, it also allows you to ensure that nothing goes by the wayside – and should you meet your daily objectives early, why not reward yourself with a long lunch, workout, or an early quitting time?

Keeping to a work schedule with proper time management helps to ensure that your home based business will be a success. Remember your WHY for having your own business and the rewards that living a Hundred-Fold-Life bring to you and your family.


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