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Build Teams and Ensure Organizational Success

Rosy Vohra asked:

All commercial organization exists to whip profits. Profits are the central axis around which all activities in the organization revolve. The only way organizations can do so is by generating worthwhile business. To get a contract is difficult…agreed? But to complete the contract successfully to the satisfaction of the client is what is required for the long time sustenance and existence of business. The structure and functional set up of the organization has to be designed in such a manner that all of its resources are optimally utilized. They are to be geared towards creating more clientele and more money. In order to ensure this, besides right technology and material resources, an organization recruits a number of people who ‘matter’ towards begetting organizational success. These people would end up being an unsorted group but for the formulation of effective teams to realize the structural and functional goals of the organization.

Research studies have identified the prevalence of Apollo syndrome and similar other hitches when highly intelligent workforces are placed together collectively in an organizational set up. It is found that their performance becomes several terms inferior to the so called ‘not so capable employees’. Utilization of talents and abilities in the organization to their maximum potential and promote the overall goals of the organization is a challenge.

To be able to build effective teams is the appropriate solution. A good team distinctive with high quality, time bound performance is often characterized by

• A bunch of optimal number of people led by an effectual leadership. A team works jointly towards serving one client.

• A triumphant team rounds up common agreeable objectives and zealously follows them up as a single shared goal.

• All team members appreciate the goal. They are committed to work it out to its successful completion with a streak of winning attitude and mutual cooperation. Such an outlook is reflected through the display of desired behaviors whilst working towards the jointly shared goal.

• Each team member understands his role in the collective performance of the goal in terms of his duties and responsibilities. He is aware of his share of accoutibility at every step of his performance.

• A well bonded team is expected to deliver meaningful results promptly and efficiently.

• Last but not the least is the synergic performance of the team. Even if the individual team members are performing their bit but unless the glue of synergic performance is not there; teams will fail to deliver desired results.

Once the team is formulated, the team leader should ensure that its design in terms of delegating work amongst team members is properly streamlined. It should be devoid of any ambiguity. This can be ascertained by the team leader by undertaking following steps-

• He should address the overall objective of the project across to every team member clearly.

• Ensure each team member acknowledges ownership and accountability of his allocated role. The team leader should sufficiently be able endorse willingness among team members towards the overall completion of the goal.

• Selection of team should be judicious both in quality and quantity.

• Make sure each team member is well equipped with every requirement that helps reach the goal.

• Recognize concerns that come in way of reaching the goal and find out ways of removing them.

• Often the team leader faces problems when team members do not relate well with one another due to certain tangible as well as intangible barriers in their association. These are called ‘team islands’. To be able to bridge the gaps and incongruence is a challenge for the team leader. This can be avoided if he takes up members who are not only superior in their capability but are also willing to work under the team leader while contributing their opinions from time to time. A problem team member is more of an obstruction than a meaningful contributor.

A successful team is close knit and well bonded formally as well as informally. Team leader should undertake every step to ensure that it remains so. Time to time going out, taking lunch together, discussions help the team glued. Furthermore each team member should be complemented for his worthwhile achievements. It is said ‘Praise is like sunshine to the human soul’. People flower and blossom when suitable appreciated and recognized for their efforts.


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