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Blackout From Transformers – a Machine of Destruction

Michael Black asked:

In generation 1, Blackout from Transformers is Spaceshot’s

partner and they’re a team of Micromasters Combiners. Originally

they always appeared together in the animated series, thus making

it hard to distinguish between the two who was who. According

to his biography, Blackout is a brave warrior, but frequently a

coward when the odds where just slightly turned against him or

his team. On the other hand Spaceshot obliged him to keep

pushing till the end of the battle was reached.

Fast forwarding all the way to 2007, Blackout appears in the live

action movie as a Decepticon who can transform into a military

helicopter. Early scripts implied that this helicopter transforming

character would be named Vortex, but potentially because of

Lack of trademark on the name they decided to switch it to

Blackout. In fact, Blackout had numerous codenames before

finalizing: Incinerator, Soundwave and Vortex. All of these names

had been used by at least one transformers toy in the past.

The movie writers agree that Blackout from Transformers is the

biggest Decepticon, this gives him the ability to transport other

Decepticons from one place to another. Blackout has the unique

ability to interrupt electronic equipment by releasing EMP blasts.

He also has an array of canons and missile launchers which serve

well during battle. When in helicopter mode, he can simulate the

holographic appearance of a human being driving the helicopter,

who’s referred to as Mustache Man. Furthermore, Scorponok is

transported by Blackout on his back.

Like many other Transformers, Blackout’s tech specs vary

depending on the source. If you take a look at his tech spec card

he’s supposed to be 33 feet tall, but according to the toy he

should be 55 feet tall. His height remains a mystery, yet it’s a

know fact that he’s even larger than Decepticon leader Megatron.

In the movie’s prequel novel Blackout stands out as Starscream’s

biggest rival for the leadership of the Decepticons. When he

finally got the opportunity he led Frenzy and Bonecrusher to an

Autobot attack in which he failed miserably against Optimus

Prime. He then fought a duel against Starscream for complete

Decepticon leadership, but he lost against the superior prowess of

his stronger opponent.

Blackout is the very first Transformer to appear in the movie.

With Scorponok riding on his back, they are the first to disengage

an attack against US military forces in Qatar. Conveniently he’s

disguised as a US military helicopter which was lost three months

earlier, thus he was able to sneak in the SOCCENT base without

mayor issues. Once inside the base, he shatters it to pieces only

leaving a handful of humans alive. Later in the movie Blackout

eads over to Frenzy’s calling about finding the Allspark. When

summoned by Starscream, Blackout from Transformers proves to

be ultimately loyal to Megatron, in his own words: “All hail

Megatron”. In the final battle he’s eventually killed by Captain

Lennox and jet fighters simultaneously shooting heavy missiles

towards him.

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