Transformational Leadership

Are You Selling Your Soul to the Corporate Life

Richard Cox asked:

We spend most of our lives working, usually far away from the ones we love and really want to be with. Are you letting the “way things are” at work make you feel cynical, unhappy, run down, unfulfilled? If so, you are not alone, that is for sure.

It is very easy to find yourself in the above situation. Many company cultures support that way, and without intervention it can really become a serious personal problem. First it starts off with mild discomfort, then perhaps a deeper attachment to proving we are good enough for the position we are in, followed by the need to make more money and keep the level of security we have in our lives.

Unattended to, these mild behavioural patterns can lead to more serious issues. Sitting at a desk, with mounting levels of stress, always needing to have more, do more, and be more. Day in, day out, doing work that is unfulfilling, because it needs to be done. Not taking care of the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual concerns that each human being has, every day of their lives. Investing the large majority of our lives in something we do not really care that much about in the long run, other than our own income and security. A bit depressing isn’t it. Then we eventually blame the company, and move to another organisation, with the hope that it will be better next time.

You may be fortunate enough to have a manager or boss that takes care of you really well and pays attention to your needs and requirements to help you work at your peak performance (without burning you out!). Transformational Leadership is one of the ways that this can occur, as usually the transformational leader is fairly awake, interactive, caring and takes into consideration the individual’s needs, as well as providing some intellectual stimulation.

Other ways that you might be able to overcome some of the issues outlines below is to get a personal life coach, or results coach to assist you in focussing your results in an area that has meaning and significance for you.

One more idea you might want to consider – exploring what your life purpose is. This will awaken you to what you are really here to do. This can inject a level of energy and purpose to your daily life, which can help you make the changes that you have been wanting, perhaps for a very long time.

It might be that you are happy working in the corporate environment, and maybe there are some changes that you want to make to the “way that you do what you do”. Someone once said, “A change is as as good as a haircut”. We all need a certain level of change and refreshment in our lives.

The question is, will you make the changes that you know you want to make?

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