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Activity Days are Fantastic Team Building Events

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Activity days are intended as events that give you or your visitors the opportunity to take part in activities that they as a rule do not have access to. Activity days are a good idea if you want to get a group of friends together for a birthday celebration or simply if you just want to have a pleasurable day out with friends and family. Multi Activity days are perfect for an motivation event and also an ideal method of team building as the groups get together to try and become the winning team at the end of the event.


An entertaining activity day out is just what the doctor ordered. Whether it’s for a birthday, company day out, stag or hen party there’s nothing like a multi activity day to bond everyone in the party together. Whether you want to go clay shooting, quad biking, sailing, power boating or treasure hunting followed by a spa experience, the multi activity combinations are numerous. Always good fun and with so many multi activity day choices there’s plenty of options available. You don’t always have to do a complete activity day, sometimes a morning or afternoon can provide a good start to a weekend or a rest from a meeting.

Team Building

Team building programmes and days can take several formats and sometimes more than one day is necessary. Teamwork, interaction and trust are the essence to many challenges, with members working in pairs or groups. Teams battle it out in some challenges. A group activity combining teamwork, strategy and a sense of adventure increases interest. Outdoor team building is an ideal way to promote and develop inter-team co-operation in a fun and enjoyable way. Improving your team’s relationship between members will have a advantageous benefit on their work output as they will be more relaxed with each other having overcome obstacles together.

Corporate Days

Corporate activity days can transform a tired team into a enthused workforce. Live life in the fast lane with a demanding and thrilling motorised activity, challenge your mind and body with an innovative corporate and team building event, or simply chill out with a country pursuits day. Team building activities can also be added to your activity day to add a problem solving aspect to the event. Corporate team building makes inspirational team-building activities to test practical ability, initiative, leadership and team-working skills with serious challenges held in a fun and competitive environment. If you are organising a group activity, whether it’s for a hen/stag event, a social outing amongst friends, entertaining corporate clients or a birthday/family celebration there are a variety of experiences from adventure days and tank driving to cookery classes, all particularly aimed at group bookings with numerous off the shelf packages to make your life easier.

Corporate activity days are perfect if you want to say thank you to your customers or to your employees. Why not treat them to an activity day and enrich your business relationship. If your business is looking to have a corporate activity day then try and select an event that the majority of participants will like, but will also extend their boundaries as this is the key concept behind activity days.

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