Traits of a Leader

The Authentic Essence of a Leader

Sarah Liddle asked:

The unsung Hero

I believe the world is full of leaders that go unrecognized.

I am sure you have met someone, or currently have someone in your life that does so much good for others and possibly the community but they go unrecognized.

I believe this is the true nature of a leader

The person that does not think he is a leader, or has leadership traits but the person that goes about their daily life letting go of what others think of them. They live their life with one intention, to leave the world knowing that they have made it a better place. No matter how small.

Just think about that for a second. Do you like to receive recognition and praise for something you have done? If you are like most you will think “Heck YES!” But isn’t it in the times that you don’t get recognition and silently do something super superb for someone else that makes you feel on top of the world because you silently made a difference which gave you an inner feeling of warmth, beauty and serenity. And this warm feeling was something you personally inwardly cherished because know one knew of this good deed you done.

So who in your life makes a difference and goes unrecognized? Just think about it now, do you follow a leader that believes he is a leader. Or are you going to follow the leader who doesn’t care if he is called a leader or a follower he/she is just happy making the world a little better regardless of whether they receive praise or criticism.

Keep your eyes and ears open for the unsung hero’s that pass through your life. The person that does something out of good, that does not want recognition is someone that I believe is an unsung hero. They are what silently are making the world a little better. God bless you, Much love Sarah.

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