Traits of a Leader

Be The Leader That Others Want To Follow

Kevin Sinclair asked:

Leadership is the inspirational, motivational side of management. However, some people can be great leaders, but ineffective managers. Likewise a good manager may not be an effective leader. A leader inspires and motivates people to do things. A leader is supportive, helpful and inspires others to follow in their footsteps. A leader will recognize skills, talents and gifts within people and help them to use those characteristics to their benefit. A leader will encourage and aid others in recognizing their own talents.

Best ways of leading in network marketing

Leading in network marketing can be a challenge, but it can be a very rewarding experience.

Explore through questions. What worked, what did not. What do team members feel would be effective? Ask questions and encourage them to ask questions. One of the most important phrases you can say to a person is, “What is your opinion?”

Encourage each member to recognize and use their own personal strengths and talents. When you encourage a person to use their strengths and talents it works to your advantage in two ways. One, it makes the person feel recognized and special because you noticed something special in them, thus they are inspired. Two, you are afforded a diverse team with a variety of talents brought to the table.

Don’t be pushy. There is an ancient Asian virtue that advocates that a good leader is one who leads by following. Do not push, force or place someone under duress in an attempt to get them to participate.

Practice good time management skills. As a leader, it is your job to show the members the direction that they should be pursuing. You must also give them to tools to get there and time management is integral to any business.

Consistency is the key to success. Show your members that consistency is the key to success. Success is not a sprint, not a flash and burn, it takes time and nurturing.

Communication is vital. Keep your team clued in on what is happening. Use newsletters, memos, bulletins, anything that will keep them in the loop.

Know when to fold. Sometimes something simply does not work no matter how great an idea it is or how well planned. Know that there comes a point when you just have to fold and move on.

Take a break. Burn out is one of the leading causes of business failure and of leadership failure. Give yourself a break now and then and you will return to your task refreshed and ready to tackle it!

What new prospects are looking for

Prospects for MLM programs are looking for many things, success, money, financial freedom, the list is extensive. Yet, the number one thing that they look for, are drawn to, is leadership. A strong, charismatic leader will draw in the most prospects. As a leader, you should put a face to the company. People are attracted to people, someone who relates to them. They do not want to join a company. It is the people that draw the prospects in, making them want to know more. Leaders can deliver just that.

This means that, as a leader, it is your job to assess just what you can offer your prospects. People want more than just a promise. If the see a strong, capable leader who is charismatic, optimistic, encouraging and inspiring, beckoning them into the program, they are certain to venture in even if it is just to see what this person has to offer. As a leader you need to determine what you can bring to the table and offer prospects that will make them want to join. Present yourself in such a way that people want to join, just to be near you, because you bring out the best in them and because you make them believe in themselves.

Be the leader that others want to follow

Of course, the leader that others want to follow is charismatic, encouraging and inspiring, but there are other traits and things that work into that as well. A great leader becomes a leader with the first prospect. Don’t wait until you have X amount of members or until you have a certain amount of knowledge, just jump in there! Also, treat others with respect. Respect their ideas and comments as well as questions. Listen to them and learn.

A leader that others want to follow will give back more and go above and beyond. Likewise, they will recognize when others do this as well and they will commend them for it. People want to follow a leader who is encouraging and gives praise where praise is due. But most of all, don’t let ego get the best of you. Being a leader means following and inspiring, not dictating.


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