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5 Traits That Can Kill Your Internet Business

Lazz Laszlo asked:

Business is Business and an Internet business is just an intangible website instead of a bricks and mortar location. The behind the scenes may be similar; namely an office or work area that creates the Internet Cyber World.


Sometimes making the wrong moves can accelerate the learning curve. For example when you fall off your bicycle in your first few attempts to ride without the training wheels, you may get a skinned knee, but in business you may bruise your self-esteem when you make the wrong decision.


Here are 5 Traits that you should shed to better help you succeed at building a successful online business and website.


·        Cute and Clever, I’ll group these together, because they are often mentioned and discussed as one entity. You can have a cute and clever website, but get an opinion on the cuteness and cleverness. If your website is a bit too cutesy, you may be turning off a large portion of your audience. If you are too clever it may raise suspicion about your credibility and sincerity. Too many inside double meaning words can be a turn-off.


·        Attention; if you need attention go into politics not business. If you’re building a website you should keep the focus on the product or service that you offer. If you are building a brand, “Brand You” than keep it professional and do not use it as a platform to massage your ego. You can display humor, or highlight a quirk about yourself, but when you get too cutesy and clever, you take away rather than add to your image and ultimately your bottom-line suffers. All bets are off if you’re in the comedy or clown business.


·        Mr. Perfect is something to work toward, but not an excuse not to proceed. In journalism class I was taught to get the facts down and then work on building them up to a great story. When you’re building your website, its o.k. not to be perfect with every little detail, just don’t abandon your discipline. Go back to the site and tweak it as much as you can. The phrases, colors, options, and styles can all be experimented with and should be. Too many people put a website up and never make any changes to it; they act as if the task is finished and move on to something else. Your website is never finished and if you think it is, you’re wrong.


·        Delegate; when you don’t delegate, because you think that you can do it all, you’ll burn yourself out very quickly. The tasks that you just feel an anxiety about performing should be delegated to someone who enjoys doing them. Yes, it will cost a little money, but if you’re in the Internet world for the long-haul, the money you invest by farming out some of the work will be well worth your health, attitude, and productivity. All great leaders delegate and the leaders who delegate intelligently remain great leaders. Leadership is still a position that is determined by decision and results.


·        Penny pinching. Some things just cost money and if you are starting an online business I agree that you have to watch your expenditures, especially in the frills area, but some things cost money and you have to pay for them. I’m not big on discount brain surgery and neither should you be. You don’t necessarily have to get the item or service with the most bells and whistles, but choose the one that will get the job done, over-deliver on what they promise, and free you up to direct your energy into the parts of the business that keep you excited and energetic.


·        As a bonus, here’s another; Negative talk. Get out of the habit of talking down the competition’s website. You probably don’t know the real story behind the website, how much it’s making or losing, or how long and how many efforts ago the website creator started. Save your brain power for building up the quality of your website. Anyone can talk down about something or someone to make themselves look better or bigger, but don’t let that be you.


These are just a few of the traits that can bury your business six feet under even before you take a fair shot at making it as a successful Internet Marketer. Here are a few things that you should write down on a card and practice in your efforts to be a website master.


·        Focus your attention on what needs to be done and avoid comparing yourself to how far ahead others are.


·        Give yourself a schedule to follow so that you know your direction and what has to be done.


·        Make time in your schedule that is uninterrupted so that you can daydream (this is where you really think about what you are doing on the www) and envision where your website will be in 3 months, 6 months and years down the road.


·        Be willing to change your path, if it isn’t working; be open to change. No matter how you try, you can’t put 18 ounces of fluid in a 10 ounce container successfully; some things just don’t fit.


The Internet is still a fresh frontier and the fuel it uses is brain power, it’s something that you will never run out of, but something that you have to train yourself to use.


Like most things in life that are rewarding, the Internet often looks much simpler than it is. The secret is; the more knowledge you have about the Internet, the easier it is to understand, explore, and reap the benefits from.

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