Unique Team Building Ideas

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Team building is the practice of working to bring a group of employees together. Usually activity days or even activity weekends are planned for these purposes.

The hard part is coming up with team activities that have not already been overused. In other words, activity days (or activity weekends) for groups of employees than involve more than just conference speeches, icebreakers, and dinner menus. New and different ideas are being introduced every single day into the corporate and business world. Some of the most interactive games are brought to UK employers by companies that sponsor events days such as “It’s a Knockout.” This type of event day is designed to help employees deal with stress in a humorous and healthy way. Additionally, employees are usually challenged in every way of their lives while attending this event day.

Some of the types of games that could be included during an “It’s a Knockout” day include “Schoolboy Holiday”, “Slippery Slope”, “Bomb the Castle”, and “Funnel Tunnels”. “Schoolboy Holiday” is a relay inflatable hurdle relay course and “Slippery Slope” is a team race down a foam-covered mountain. “The game “Funnel Tunnels” is a race through foam tubes to collect as many water ducks as possible. The “Bomb the Castle” event involves passing wet sponges down a human chain to be squeezed into a pan. The people making up the human chain during “Bomb the Castle” game play are required to stand on a pedestal.

The object of these games is generally the same-to be the quickest team done. The purpose of each of these games is to promote team work and a positive mental attitude. Playing these sports also provide a way for employees to have a healthy break from their regular work routine, which helps reduce on-the-job stress. The games described in this article are not the only games that could be played. Companies can look on websites and look through team building activity books to find other ideas for games that they can coordinate on an employer’s premises.

Additionally activities and events besides some of these unique games listed above include themed costume parties, treasure hunts (finding hidden treasure with the use of clues), and mystery solving cases. Sometimes trivia or quiz games may also be played on these activity days as well.A team building day or weekend can be planned very quickly by reserving a pre-arranged package online. Customer team building activity event conferences can also be planned for employee groups of nearly any size, tailored to any company budget.

Similar events and games as those mentioned in this article also may be scheduled to take place during employee social events as well. For instance, some of the games describe in this article could be ones set up during a holiday employee party or picnic.Along with team building activities, entertainment such as a D.J or live band could be scheduled for any employee celebration. For example, these types of entertainment are often included on the night of an employee award ceremony dinner.

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