Team Building the Way to Success

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These days team building is the key to success, you would have heard it many times isn’t it. It is of vital importance that you socialize with your team and become a part of it rather than thinking to be a part of it at a later stage. Many people in their workplace would have seen team building and practiced it also and few understand the experience of how to work in a team. In simple words could be the output of feeling a part of something larger than you.

In team oriented environment you work with the other player to effectively produce the results and thereby contribute to the overall success of the organization. Inspite of the fact you have a particular job function, and belong to a particular department, the fact lies that everyone is associated with the accomplishment of the organization’s mission and its objectives. The objectives drive your action and the actions serve towards the objectives.

However in the real time scenario the team work success happens with focused activities and goals. There is so much scope for problems to pop up.

These can be possible because different personalities, the wish to get authority and dominance, lack of commitment levels, or it could also be because of lack of agreement on the ways or means towards the achievement of goals. Hence there arises a need for a good team leader to set things right.

Here are some of the tips, techniques can help you to build a team that is co-operative and effective as well:

•    Ensure that there is complete clarity of team goals. Be sure that there is complete understandability of the goals among all the team members.

•    Have a check that the team members know what their responsibility is and ensure that there is no overlapping of tasks. Sometimes there may be chances that two team members may be inclined towards getting control over the same area. Make sure you divide that area according to their individual strengths and give them complete control over that task.

•    Develop a relationship of trust by spending time with each of your team member and developing environment of honesty. Provide opportunities to the team members so that they develop a sense of belongingness towards the team and feel comfortable to speak frankly. This can be done by giving them some time to speak for socializing with each other; all these activities in turn will encourage openness.

•    It would be a very effective idea if you take an effort to involve all the team members for decisions that depend on team consensus. This would increase their satisfaction levels and give them a feeling of self importance.

•    It is important that you not only give the negative feedback but be generous positive feedback also.

Team building can pose many challenges but it is of vital importance that you resolve them and don’t leave it to chance.

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