Team Building Lesson: the View Cast Supports Whoopi Goldberg

Diana Keith asked:

If you want to see a specific example of a high performing team in action, be sure to watch the recent video clip of The View in which the cast collectively demonstrates their support for fellow team member, Whoopi Goldberg, after she was not included in a montage of host clips at this year’s Oscars, especially since Whoopi was the first African American woman to host.

What is a High Performing Team?

A high performing team gets extraordinary results because they have created a solid foundation for productive communication, innovative solutions, and great performance. In other words, they have equipped themselves with right team culture.

What business lesson can we learn from The View clip?

Let’s look at how they responded when the Oscar oversight was mentioned:

1. Each member showed her support for Whoopi’s accomplishments.

2. Their concern and empathy for the omission was voiced.

3. The View team verbally rallied around Whoopi.

4. Whoopi showed her deep gratitude for their support by kissing each cast member on the cheek.

Of course, you don’t have to start kissing your team members at work, but you should take a cue from the girls at The View in regard to the powerful support system demonstrated in the clip with Whoopi.

And if you happen to be a team leader, supporting your team is vital to their success, and yours. Otherwise, you may miss out on the many benefits that teams are so well known for, such as high performance and innovation.

Supervisory and co-worker support is so powerful that it can actually act as a shock absorber to the amount of work stress you feel on the job. Do you think if Whoopi happened to be feeling left out or stressed, that her team member’s support made a difference? You bet it did.

What does this mean for teams?

It means that leaders and their organizations have the power to design teams that can get great results, be highly dedicated, and experience less stress on the job.

Six Team Design Elements For Success:

1. A Supportive Environment

Support from your peers or supervisor can buffer work stress. Examples include statements of understanding, flexible assistance with work schedules, and public recognition.

2. Empowerment

Balance decision-making leverage and a sense of control with job responsibilities. No one wants to be held accountable for a situation beyond his or her control.

3. Mutual Trust

Increase trust by building a culture of partnership and shared value. Building a typical us versus them culture is counterproductive and wastes time and money, yet lots of leaders unintentionally fall into this approach when they fail to think about team design in line with their core purpose.

4. Team Members with Specific Expertise

Each team member should understand what the other has to offer in regard to knowledge, skills, and abilities and how it connects to his or her own expertise and shared business objectives.

5. A Unified Team Vision

Have the team create their vision in order to build momentum and trust.

6. Open Communication Channels

Knowledge and information should be shared on all levels.

The elements above can add up to the right team culture. Building and designing a team culture should be aligned with the results you’re after. The payoff is a high performing team with infinite possibilities. Thank you ladies at The View for demonstrating a great of example of co-worker support in action.

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