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Persuasion in Society: Giving What People Want

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Persuasion in society has been existent since the very first relationships were built. Persuasion has had a huge role in forming groups and developing collective ideas and attitudes. Its role will continue to influence future societies, as well, based on the united understanding of individuals. Persuasion in society can make or break a group, so you need to know what people want.

Social Influence

Persuasion in society is a vital part of human life. People have been guided by others throughout centuries through persuasive attitudes, actions, signs, and thoughts. Basically, individuals in a given group will be persuaded if they feel change will be for the entire group’s advantage. You may be familiar with utilitarianism and how the advantages and disadvantages of one person can significantly affect the entire group as a whole.

The same goes with persuasion, in the sense that if you are able to show inequity, people will mostly adhere to a problem-solving means, instead of being forced into deciding.

Weapons of Influence in Society

All weapons of influence can be applied to modern society. Persuasion in society still requires a variety of strategies, techniques, and approaches, especially since you are dealing with several people at a time. This may make it harder for you because it is very likely for different individuals in a society to have varying perceptions and views.

The most common is authority, wherein people are influenced by those they look up to, like leaders, heroes, and government figures. Social proof is another, where people follow what others in the same group are doing or thinking. Liking is when people easily get persuaded if they see things attractive to them or are to their advantage.

Scarcity is when people adhere to influence if it seems rare or unique. There is also reciprocation, in which individuals will allow themselves to be persuaded to return a favor or end suffering. Commitment and consistency is an honored agreement that may initially come with a motivator.

Persuasion in society acts in a way that lets individuals comply with the so-called standards of the group they belong to. They are more likely to be persuaded if they find benefits and improvement in their environment, which makes them feel useful and vital to their community. This greatly gives them a sense of security, decisiveness, and belongingness.

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