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Leadership Matters in Managing Change Effectively

William King asked:

Organizations need to change their functioning and way in which they conduct their business and services. The reason behind these changes might be external forces in economy, needs of customer or marketplace. These changes would affect whole organization and it can be known from level of opposition of leadership and employees.

For any organization, if change takes place then it’s essential for all employees to understand three preliminary steps in the process. These three steps are as under:

1. What is needed to change?

2. What needs to happen to make it a reality?

3. How can we make it happen?

The fact is, not every employee of the organization follows these principles in same way. But, understanding these concepts has really helped many organizations to successfully bring an effective change.

Why individual opposes change?

• People are insecure about loss of control by change

• Lots of insecurities are being created due to change affecting the status quo

• People are used to working in a particular laid down manner since long

• Change requires hard work

• There had been bad experience in past due to change.

• Changes are forced upon people without any valid explanations.

Reduce the conflict and build loyalty to change

Reduce the resistance by providing obvious picture of change. Change should be step by step, planned and estimated. Engage people in this process and do inform them regularly. All you need to do is to reduce disruption through efficient planning. Leadership at every level should express people’s dedication to the change. Appreciate them for their involvement in change process and also give award to earlier pioneers.

Key to effective change

As a leader, one important thing is to study present culture of the organization and to know where you are. It is also necessary for a leader to identify employees who want change and those who are not happy with change. Take example from existing model that has effectively implemented change and also communicate with them regarding their experience with change. Don’t completely change existing culture immediately, but take advice from people about ways to implement the change and methods to solve the problems while implementation. Vision may help you in change, but this is not the only way.

Steps leading to successful change

Find out, what is taking place in areas, where changes have taken place by involving persons who will be in charge of results. Analyze the conditions with the representatives. Make strategic planning that leads towards success after change in organization. Continue activities with involvement of employees that will help in solving problems and also in improvement of change process. Finally measure, examine and estimate the change.

Involvement of Critical Factors

Collaboration and good communication is essential and plays important role in process. All processes, practices and functionalities give more values to customer, goals and performance for achievement of goals. There should be internal solutions. Horizontal, Vertical and multi directional interaction must be carried out before change in organization.


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