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Democracy in India

Dalip Singh Wasan asked:

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Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate,

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Democracy in India.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate,

Formerly Employment Officer P.E.S. ll

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It is on record that we had been under rajas, maharajas, monarchs and then under the imperialists and we took centuries to get freedom from all these people who were never interested in the welfare of the people of their country. They had been dividing us, they had been trying to reduce us to poverty, they had been trying to see that we should be weak and always having one thing in our mind that we should get two time meals and live on and that life they wanted in us only to ensure that we are at their service. And when we started this war of independence, even then the people who were leading us were ensuring us that after getting independence, we shall establish here in India ‘ Ram rajaya’ means the rule which was available during the time of Shri Ram Chandraji. The people who were pronouncing this ‘Ram rajaya’ here in India were not explaining us the definition of ‘Ram rajaya’ and thus the false slogan system had been introduced at that very stage which had been adopted and followed by all those who wanted to reach the seats of power.

It is on record that we got independence on 15th August, 1047 and just on getting this independence, we started working on the Constitution and it is on record that we collected all good things from all the Constitutions available at that time and we also took some points as per Indians situations and framed the Constitution which could be said as the longest and most comprehensive Constitution in the world. We adopted this Constitution on 26th January, 1950 and since then our leaders have started pronouncing that we are one of the largest democracy in the world and we are also pronouncing that we could maintain this democracy in spite of all hurdles.

The democracy which we adopted, as per paper transactions, it is government of the people, by the people and for the people, but if we go deep, we shall note that it is not government of the people. A few person who were available on the political scene took over the charge from the British government and then they adopted all those methods to govern which were adopted by the outgoing imperialists. This groups which took over the charge were not representing the people of India and therefore, they cannot say that they established government of the people. They gave one right to the people of India and that right was right to vote and after each span of five years, people were called to caste votes and then go back to suffer for another term of five years or more. Since the people who were elected were not belonging to them, they never worked for the welfare of the people. They had been establishing here family rule which was an old legacy. They established here in India party dictatorship and during this period we also noted that there were people who established here in India individual autocracy. Such types of governments cannot be called government of the people, because the people who were occupying seats of powers were not from the people of India.

We have noted that here in India we could not establish government by the people, because the politicians here in India were from not from the people of India. They were the people who took over the seats of power from the imperialists. This had been a separate class. The politicians who remained in the field were rich themselves or they were nominees of the rich and powerful and therefore, the governments which were established here in India had been representatives of the people who were rich and powerful and they had been working under their control and they had been working for the welfare of the rich and the powerful and all had been at the cost of the common people who had been casting votes and with whose votes these people had been occupying the seats of power.

And no one can say that the governments which had been established here in India had been governments for the people. Had it been so, the problems of the people of India which had been taking birth during the times of slavery could have been solved. But all the problems which took birth during the slavery time are still existing and some of these problems have turned complex. Most of the people are illiterate, unemployed, poor, houseless, living in huts or in mud houses. Some could be found lying on foot paths. The beggars are on higher side. The people are weak because they are not getting proper diet and they are not in a position to get proper treatment when they are ill. They are not in a position to send their wards to schools, colleges and to the training institutions and that is the reason most of the youths are untrained and are not fit for a job. All these problems have become complicated and even the government and its people have started telling us that such problems are available even in those countries which call themselves as advanced countries. This is not a suitable answer, but we, the people of India are getting this reply.

In a democracy, the people of the country are the real masters of the country and all those who are elected or appointed to carry on administration are called public servants. Such designations have been recognized in India too, but when we go deep, the things are otherwise. All the people who are elected or appointed to carry on administration have turned masters and all the people who are outside the government are slaves and they are being treated as slaves. If they want to meat a public servant they are not allowed to see him and if at all he is allowed to come in, he is not properly seated and he is asked to stand with folded hands and pray for mercy. If we read all the applications, all the petitions and other correspondence initiated from the public side, those shall make it clear that here in India, the people are still slaves and they are asked to write such applications and petitions which must show that the application is coming from a slave and the master shall decide its fate only when the master so desires. The people shall have to wait for the reply or for the decision for years together.

We have seen that instead of enriching the masters, these public servants have become more rich and powerful and now it seems that this ruling class has established themselves separately from the general public and they are taken this line as a profession, trade, calling and employment. They are investing money and when they get power, they mis-utilize this power and through scams, scandals, muddles, bribes, corruption, commissions and other sources, they are collecting money and none is catching them. Even when the oppositions come in power, they just harass the people and they have got no intention in their mind that the guilty should be punished. All this is done just to put dust in eyes of the people and mis-direct their attention. The guilty are not punished, because the people in power know that tomorrow they too shall be be in the docks and they too could be sent to jails. So all they play, these are just friendly matches and therefore, the people of India must understand these tactics of the people in politics in India.

We are noting that people of India are just subjects and they are not allowed to enter this politics in India. This field has been earmarked for the rich and the powerful and therefore, the people of the world who call this country a democracy are not aware of the facts which are available here in India. Then they shall see the real situations, only then they are allowed to form an opinion. The people of India could define this set up as a government of the rich, for the rich and by the rich.

The people of India shall have to conduct an introspection and they should do this w
ithout any further loss of time, because they have already suf
fered for six decades waiting that they shall be allowed to live in a real democracy where they shall be really the masters of the country. If the present sets of people in politics are allowed to continue, they would not allow the concept of democracy to come in. They shall stop the same. Therefore, the people of India must start another war of independence and they must see that they get their own nominees in the government. They must ask all the political parties to give us their nominees for seats of power and the people should be allowed to elect ministers directly and these people should not be appointed by the Prime Minister and by the Chief Ministers. If we introduce this ‘shadow cabinet system’ in India, the people shall be elected competent people as ministers and they shall be getting better governments. For reducing the number of political parties, we should consider the case of all these state level legislative assemblies, and if we find that there is nothing to legislate at these state level institutions, we should abolish these state level legislative assemblies. We should try to establish only two political parties here so that the voters could be at ease while casting their votes. We should see that only those should be allowed to come forward who have got clean record and all those who are with dirty record should not be allowed to seek elections and all should have got clean chit from the administration at least one year in advance. If these measures are adopted, we shall be coming forward and there are chances that we shall be joining the communities of nations which have got democracy. The present situations are not ripe and we should not call these situations as a democracy. The conditions are not matching the definition of democracy which has been accepted in all the books of political science.


God and people of India ?

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate,

Formerly Employment Officer P.E.S. ll

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If we go deep and trace the history of God, we shall come to the conclusion that God took His birth in India. The people of India started talking about God through Vedas, through Shastras, through Simritis, theough Puranas and the like. The people of India started calling God in different names. They were the people who told the world at large that God is the father and parent of us all. They told the world that God sends us on this earth and also fixes the date when we are to go back. They pronounced that God writes down the luck of this man and he has to suffer to enjoy as per this direction. They told the world at large that there is Hell and there is Heaven and all those who had been doing bad deeds shall go to Hell and all those who had been doing good works in life shall enjoy in Heaven. They established the concept of ‘Dharam Raj’ where accounts of us all shall be reexamined once again and as per those records our final fate shall be decided. The word ‘Dharama’ had been created by the people of India and they defined ‘Dharma’ as good conduct. They pronounced that only those are religious people who are not committing sins, crimes and misconducts and they said that God is Omnipresent, and we are not in a position to hide anything from God.

We can trace history and we can come to the conclusion that thousands of Rishis, Munis, Bhagatas, Avtars, Devis had been sitting in penance for years together and they had been waiting for lasting peace. It is on record that they had been creating and establishing religious books, methods of worshiping God and also they had been establishing religious places. The number of all these items is son the higher side.

The people of India had been living in peace and there was only one religion. But in due course people of other religions started coming to this country and it is son record that some of them had been occupying this country and started living in this country. We have seen in history that these invaders had been demolishing religious places of Hindus and they had been establishing religious places of their own religions and it is also on record that there had been conversions either through consent or through force and there had been killings on this account. The people here had been facing all types of difficulties because of presence of different religions on this side. And because of these differences, we had to face the partition of 1947 in which lakhs of our people were killed and crores of people had to migrate to unknown places. Such type of religious war had never been noticed in history nor there had been such a big upheaval in the world history.

Because of these two major religions, Hindu and Muslims, there had been no peace even after partition of 1947. The people are fighting even today and in name of Kashmir, Pakistan had been invading India directly and now indirectly. We have seen Khalistan movement in Punjab in which thousands of our own people had been killed by our own hands and we have seen that one community ‘Sikhs’ had to suffer degradation. All this happened because Pakistan instigated the Sikhs for the establishment of Khalistan. Bangladesh had been established and Pakistan still believes that this new country had been established only because that the people of India wanted it and therefore, Pakistan feels that somehow this Kashmir which is in possession of India must go out of India and join Pakistan.

Though the people of India gave birth to religion and God, but whether they could become religious people, this is a question which is still unanswered. The above explained history does not show that the people of India re religious people. They can kill others in name of religion though their religion never taught them to kill others especially innocent people. We are a divided nation. The imperialists had been ruling over us by adopting and following the policy of ‘divide and rule’ and that policy is still alive in spite of the fact that we have adopted the policy of secularism and tolerance. We are still divided on the basis of religions, castes and even on sub caste system. A large number of our people have been declared as ‘Dalits’ and the main classes are remaining apart from these classes. The socalled upper classes do not allow their wards to enter into matrimonial alliance with these Dalits. Even political parties are not in a position to give ticket to a person who does not belong to the majority in the area. In Muslim area they shall give ticket to a Muslim and in Hindu area they shall give ticket to Hindus.

We have noted that people of each religion are collecting at one platform and that is the reason, we should note that even colonies are meant for different religions and people of minorities often sell their houses and shall go to the colonies of their own religious people. They have established different schools, colleges and training institutions and we can judge from the name of the institution that it belongs to a particular religion. Our clothes, our hair-cuts and our way of saluting each other shall tell us to which religion we belong. Hindus shall try to speak Hindi, Muslims shall try to speak Urdu and the Sikhs shall try to speak Punjabi.

So the ultimate role of religions had not been good in India. The people could become religious people, is a question which could be answered, but whether they could adopt secularism, is a question, which is difficult to answer. We say that we are a nation, but all these divisions and sub divisions would establish it well that we shall take another century to become a nation. All the communities in India are demanding reservations in the Parliament, in services and in the state legislative assemblies. They have started counting themselves and they are trying to increase their strength because here in India only majorities shall be preferred. Our religions could not set us right because all types of crimes, sins and
misconducts are being committed by us and jail survey shall establish that we are coul
d not rise as per directions of our religions. We are not religious people in the right sense, though we are religious people outwardly.

( Dalip Singh Wasan) Advocate.

Offering cash and kind at religious places

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate,

Formerly Employment Officer P.E.S. ll

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It is on record that this man had been creating and establishing different religions at different times and at different places and because of science and technology, the people have near to each other. And because of these mingling they had to decide the methods through which they could maintain peace amongst all. And because of these mingling, they could invent two new concepts of secularism and toleration and they also came out with a concept of no discrimination with others only on the basis of religions, castes, colours and creed. But in spite of all these concepts, this man could not maintain peace and people are at war with each other.

There had four or five religions in the beginning, but in due course so many people took up the religion as a base and they started creating and establishing so many sub religions i.e. religions in religions. The people who occupied the seats of power on these sub units started explaining the main contexts of all the religions and in fact they started to establish a common religion, which they could not. Actually whatever they had been pronouncing from these stages were bit sincere efforts on their parts. They had been on these stages just to earn their livelihood and in due course, they noticed that they could collect thousands of people around them and they started collecting cash and kind which had more than their demands. So they started living like lords and in secrecy some of them had been indulging in all types of sins, crimes and misconducts. Money would never allow a person to live peacefully and money so collected be utilized for religious purposes. They started free kitchens which are most attractive in India and in due course the gatherings had been increasing.

The people who had been collecting around these people running sub religious units could become religious people or not, it is a question which we should not try to answer, but these gatherings could bring disturbances in the areas. The people running these sub religious institutions started establishing that they are the best and the most religious persons and for guarding the cash and kind and also their own bodies, they are deploying armed people around them. When such persons are having armed people around them remained religious people. It is a question which shall demand a correct answer.

People like one available in India are mostly illiterate, poor and traditional and therefore, they want guidance from religious people. Since these people who are running these sub units are most wise people and they know the psychology of the people. They are not giving them any advice, but they are just exploiting their ignorance. They had been successful because in India, we shall be facing difficulties in collecting correct information. The money collected at these sub religious places had been utilized for a right cause, is a question, which would never be answered because everyone of us would not like to comment adversely at a religious place because such type of utterances could open the doors of Hell for us.

People of all shades are turning wiser and therefore, they are having an introspection. But still they are going to these sub stations because they believe that the person who is holding the charge is vested with some magical powers and he shall be able to treat them and shall bring our demands before God and shall recommend for the fulfillment of our demands. Some person holding the charge of these sub units have also started giving treatment and they are trying to establish that they could treat a person who has been discharged from professional institutions. We have seen people approaching these runners of these sub units for solving their family problems and sometime they approach in a panchayat so that their matrimonial relations are restored.

Since money collections are on higher side, more and more people are collecting at these sub units and we have also noted that more and more sub units are being established and in fact the real religious places are no more attracting the devotees. The devotees have stopped visiting religious places situated at far of places and they have started visiting these sub units. Even the state shall not be in a position to stop such sub units because the state cannot interfere into the religious fields. If the people really want that all these religious sub units must close down, they should stop offering cash and in kind at all these sub units and within days the people who are running these sub units shall run away and would never come back. It clearly means that when the people are offering money and other articles at these sub units, so these sub units are flourishing and if we stop these offerings, these sub units shall not run and the occupiers shall also run away.

( Dalip Singh Wasan ) Advocate.

Let us establish our family life first ?

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

We, the people of the world must be thankful to our elders who had been struggling for centuries and ultimately they came forward and established this institution of marriage and with the establishment of this institution, this family system was established and we could call this unit as our home. The people who could not marry, could not establish a family and thus they failed to establish this home, sweet home for themselves. The people who have got no home, no family and are unmarried, such people are not liked by the society around them and they consider such people dangerous for them and for other members of their family. We can say that the people who have got no family are not having a home are not complete part of the society around them.

So the people who are interested to become complete members of the society around them should have marriage and they must keep this marriage alliance intact and should not break this matrimonial alliance. They may be cautious in selecting a life partner and they may be having help from others, but once they come in such alliance, they must keep it and continue in it till they are in this world. We have been told that marriages are arranged in Heaven and just performed on this earth and therefore, we should believe in the fact that this marriage had been arranged in Heaven and we both have been sent on this earth to celebrate this marriage and then live together.

We must try to understand the fate of those people who were not having marriage bonds and still they were having children. Such people were not living in a family and most of the children were not having any information about their fathers. What could have been the psychology of such persons who were having no information about their fathers. How they lived in this life and how they completed this life, are the questions, which we fear, we are not in a position to answer, but at least a child of today would not tolerate the fact that he does not have information about the name of his father and because of this non-information with him, he would never like his or her mother too because she did something wrong which is not pardonable. So each woman must know that she may not have a child till she is married and if she has got some relations with a person before marriage, she must avoid to have sexual relations with the man, because this man shall go free and she shall be sorry before the child till the last day of her life.

The people must be thankful to the people who established this marriage system in this world and therefore, they should also make it sure that they do not cross matrimonial limits. Sex beyond this marriage bond should be prohibited. All these prostitutes, dancing girls, kee
ps, call girls and cases of adultery
are sins, crimes, or misconducts and therefore the women, the men who are indulging in these items are criminals and should be caught and punished, as the case may be because such actions are totally violations of the concept of marriage.

The people must be taught much about this married life, this family life and about this home life, because these are the first units of societies and if these units are not functioning properly, we should not expect better societies in this world.

( Dalip Singh Wasan ) Advocate.

Indians are not progressive in nature.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

It is on record that at one stage in history, we had been considered a ‘golden sparrow’ and it is also on record that people from abroad had been hearing about our prosperity and they had been invading this country. They had been looting the people of this country and when they turned the people of India poor, they started establishing their rule here in India and ultimately they converted this country into a slave country and it is on record that we had been slaves starting from 712A.D. to 1947 A.D.

And if we go further deep into the history of this country, we are the people who established ‘God’ and accepted for the first time that we all the people of the world are sons and daughters of God and thus we all are members of one family. We told the world that God is one and only one. We are the first to say that God writes luck and destiny of us all and we have to live our life as per these directions. We have declared that there are about 84,00,000 lives on this earth and we have to come back and complete this circle. We declared the seat of ‘Dharam Raj’ and told the world at large that when one dies, he is produced before this ‘Dharam Raj’ and all accounts are read over once again and ultimate fate is decided there. The people who had been doing good deeds get Heaven and the people who were not doing good deeds but were committing crimes, sins and misconducts are sent to Hell. We declared that God should be remembered time and again and we also established this prayer system If we have a look on literature side, we are the fore-runners in this field and we have on our side Vedas, Upnishadas, Simrities, Puranas, Ramayana and Mahanbharata. We have Bhagwad Geeta and Shri Guru Granth sahibji. It must be accepted that we are fore-runner in establishing religious places, places for worship, religious books and we are also fore-runner in reciting these religious books. We have got our traditions and therefore, we should say that we were an advanced country.

It seems that during the days of our slavery, we lost much. Our places of worship; had been demolished and the invaders had been constructing their own religious places just to demoralize us. It is on record that the invaders had been converting us forcibly and thus we had seen here partition of 1947 just on religious grounds.

This is our past record, but when we have a look on our present, it seems, we would not be in a position to claim all these heights once again. We had certain dreams when we were fighting this war of independence, but after getting independence, some people came forward and instead of giving us freedom, they occupied the seats of power and thus there had been a change of rule and we cannot say it that on that date the people of India got independence. We have noted that the people who are coming forward through our votes are not working as public servants, but they are following the same principles of divide and rule and they had been beating us and looting us through one way or the other and we can note that within this period of six decades, all those who were in the ruling class have turned rich and the people who got the status of masters of the country have been reduced to poverty. This is a strange type of democracy where masters are being reduced to poverty and public servants are growing rich.

We wanted a change, but unfortunately, we could not get a change neither if 1947 nor in 1950 and we remained slaves and the ruling classes had been exploiting our position through scams, scandals, muddles, bribes, corruption, sale of jobs, sale of licenses, sale of quotas, taking commissions. Under these circumstances, we, the people of India cannot say that we shall be going ahead and it is on record that in spite of lapse of six decades, we are still illiterate, poor, houseless, beggars, living in mud houses, lying on foot paths, wearing rags, getting no proper treatment when we are ill, there is no social security and all those who are weak, handicapped, ill and old do not have any support when they are in need of help. So we can say with authority that the people of India are always under stresses and therefore, we can read sadness from their faces.

The people who had been occupying the seats of power had been giving us false slogans and those slogans were not real, but simply issued for vote-catching and therefore, we had been electing people who never could become our representatives. Therefore, they are not committed to serve us. So under these circumstances, the people of India have started praying before God and are expecting some changes. But they could not understand that God helps those who help themselves. We are not working to change our life and therefore, there are no chances that we shall change and shall go ahead and compete with the world at large.

None is interested and that is the reason none is trying to tell our people that first of all they should be progressive in nature and to attain further heights, they must have proper education, proper training, proper adjustment in life and their income should be at such a stage that they are able to run their family administration well and are not dependants upon others. These are the minimum requirements and none is interested in achieving these minimum requirements. No signs are visible and that is the reason we could not solve any of our problems which we got as a legacy of our slavery period. Who shall change the psychology of our people, is a question which shall need proper consideration and proper answer.

( Dalip Singh Wasan ) Advocate.

The people of India must have an introspection ?

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

It is on record that the people of India got their independence in 1947 and it is also on record that they prepared their own Constitution and adopted the same in the year 1950 and since this date they are declaring themselves as the largest democracy in the world.

The people of India know that there is no people’s government in India because the people who are elected or appointed are not from the people side and therefore, they are never representing people. That is the reason, these people are not serving the people nor they have got such a desire or wish in their hearth. They have spent money to attain all these heights and therefore, they have got their own targets and they are busy to attain their own targets.

So the people of India must sit together and they must have an introspection. They have already wasted about six decades, and the problems of the people are still there and all those problems have become complicated. Therefore, they shall have to see whether they are electing and appointing competent, honest and sincere people and whether they are the person who would be working as public servants. The people who are functioning like rulers should not be put up at these positions because we have already crossed all these situations and now we are living in a democracy. We shall have to see that there is a short list of political parties and if possible there should be only two or three political parties in India. If need be and if we come to the conclusion that there is no need of continuing with all these state level legislative assemblies, we should abolish all these institution and if do it we shall be saving crores of rupees an
d we shall see that all religious and regional political parties shall also
go. We should abolish all states and redraft our map in such a way that all the states should become administrative units to be controlled by the centre. We shall have to see that all natural resources are centralized and benefits of these natural resources should go and equally divided without any discrimination. We shall have to make it sure that people of different religions and of different casts and people of different economic groups live united and none is exploiting the position of others.

There had been something wrong with our administration and that is the reason, here in India people who are rich are turning more rich and the people who are poor are being reduced to more and more poverty. In spite of all resources at our command, here we find people are illiterate, poor, houseless, having mud houses or they are found lying on foot paths. The people are found wearing rags imported from other countries. We find that a large number of people are beggars and small children are being deployed to collect valuables from the garbage. We find that a large number of people are not having hygienic conditions and therefore, they are ill and are not having proper treatment. Why all these problems are there, when this is the same country which had been graded as ‘ a golden sparrow’ and it is on record that people from abroad had been invading this country.

There is something wrong with us and that is the reason we are turning drug addicts, criminals, rioters and terrorists. All these situations need thorough retrospection and we are wise people, therefore, we should take wise steps and see that we come out of all these difficulties and weaknesses. We have already wasted about six decades and more wastage shall not be advantageous for us. We need complete overhauling and this work should be taken in hand without any further delay and if keep sleeping, the people from all the countries shall declare that the people of India could get a government for which they were fit.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate,

101-C Vikas Colony, Patiala-147003.

Kashmir would not allow India and Pakistan smooth progress ?

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

Both India and Pakistan know that Kashmir had already been divided in between India and Pakistan and it has also been accepted that Pakistan had not vacated the occupied area of Kashmir in spite of U.N.O. resolutions of 1947 and it is also on record that India could not take this area back in spite of their pronouncements to this effect.

In spite of this permanent division of Kashmir, we, the people of India are demanding that Pakistan should vacate that area and on the other hand Pakistan is demanding that the U.N.O. Resolutions be accepted and there should be plebiscite in the whole of Kashmir state and the will of the people be accepted. Pakistan is harping on the term plebiscite only because it knows that the Muslims are in majority in the state and there are possibilities that they may opt for Pakistan and on the other hand India says that plebiscite is not possible because whole of Kashmir has become part of India and under the Constitution of India there is no provision which allows such a plebiscite in a state. So the matters are standing here, but since 1947 both India and Pakistan are not in a position to leave these demands.

It is on record that Pakistan tried through direct wars and since the long past it is following a proxy war against India. The Khalistan movement in the state of Punjab was also a part of this proxy war and when Pakistan came to know that whole of the Sikh Community does not want that Punjab should separate from India and become Khalistan, Pakistan immediately left the Khalistan Movement and shifted to Kashmir where it could find a fertile land for its activities. Pakistan could find out some people who have initiated a movement in Kashmir through which they are demanding that the people of Kashmir should be given a right to exercise their will. This group is giving warm welcome to the terrorists sent by Pakistan and we have noted that the terrorists coming from Pakistan side are getting all types of shelter, protection, arms, ammunition, boarding and lodging, local information and then they are helped to hide themselves after the operation. The terrorists so accommodated in Kashmir could turn Kashmir as their base and now they have started operating in whole of India where they could get the same facilities and help which they could get in Kashmir. We have seen that these terrorists could reach the Red Fort, important temples and even they reached our Parliament.

We are initiating talks on the subject of Kashmir, but we have noted that both the countries are not changing their basic stands. India would never say that the occupied part of Kashmir shall belong to Pakistan nor the Pakistan government shall agree that there should be no plebiscite in Kashmir and the part with India should remain part of India.

Under compelling circumstances we took part in the liberation of East Pakistan which has come up as Bangladesh, Pakistan is not tolerating this division. It is in the mood of taking revenge from India and people of India know that Pakistan is making all these exercises which shall prove futile. But Pakistan knows that its actions are bring loss to India. If we calculate our losses in Khalistan Movement and in Kashmir problem, we shall come to the conclusion that the losses are on the higher side than those losses which Pakistan suffered because of loss of its Eastern part. And if Pakistan conducts an estimate, it too shall come to the conclusion that all its efforts have proved futile exercises.

During this period of six decades, history has played its own role and therefore, Kashmir stands divided into India and Pakistan and both the countries should accept this decision of history. The people who are with Pakistan have become Pakistani and the people who are living with India have become Bhartis. It shall not be in interest of India and Pakistan to unite these two wings and then conduct a transfer because such unities are often dangerous for the country to which such units are given.

Time has come when both India and Pakistan should sit together and they must accept the decision of history, then they should stop all direct and indirect wars against each other and then they should sign a No-War-Pact operative for ever and they both should start living in peace. All these direct and indirect wars had been futile exercises, and they must learn a lesson from these wars. If they live in peace, they shall turn their countries as ‘golden sparrows’ once again because both these countries are very rich. Both the countries have got mountains, rivers, fertile lands, minerals, petroleum, coals, irons, jungles and all that what could the basics for planned development. They had been wasting their time, their energy, their resources, their men, their peace on futile exercises and therefore, time has come when they should sit down in peace.

The question put here should be given to the people of both the countries and there are hundred per cent chances that the people of the both the countries shall recommend for this no war pact.

101-C Vikas Colony, Patiala-India-147003.

Concept of reservation in India.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

When we were framing our Constitution, some one in the committee thought up about reservation. It was true that there were some sections in our society which had been ignored for centuries together and they were not allowed to prosper and make progress. It was on record that they were kept illiterate, untrained, unemployed and they were given occasional work so that their income should remain always on the lower side and they were never able to make both ends meet. That had been the reason these people were having no houses, no bath rooms, no latrines, no clothes to wear on, no savings with them for the rainy seasons and it w
as on record that they were not allowed to mix with ot
her sections of the society and that had been the reason, these people were called un-touched.

It is not understood as to why the framers of our Constitution thought of reservation. They could have some other way out and they could have tried to help these down trodden people. But they invented this method of reservation and with this method they were not actually interested in bettering the condition of these people, but they were establishing their own vote bank and they had been successful. If we try to investigate our achievements up-to-date, we shall come to the conclusion that only some families had been getting the benefit of these reservations and most of the people for whom this concept was established could not get any benefit out this system. The reservations had been concentrated within some of the families and most of the people who are Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes or Backward Classes could not get any benefit out this system.

India is a developing country and these people were poor people and were forming the main working group. They could have benefited provided some thing right had been done for them. But they could not get any benefit and the people who were in politics had been exploiting the position of these socalled ‘Dalits’.

In due course some other categories also started demanding reservations for them and we had been giving additional benefits to the Ex-servicemen, Physically Handicapped persons, Freedom fighters, Dependants of terrorists affected families, Sportsmen and some jobs were earmarked for the dependants of those who die while in service and thus the quota for general categories had been reduced to a very lower side and therefore, more and more categories are coming forward and they are claiming that they too be included either in the categories of Scheduled Caste, scheduled tribes, Backward Classes, in the minority categories of Sikhs, Muslims,. Christians or the like.

We have heard that in the state of Rajasthan in India, the Gurjar community has started demanding reservation and they are demanding that their caste be categorized as Scheduled tribes. There had agitations and we have heard that abaout fifteen people have been killed in police firing and some trains have to been stopped. If we continue with these situations, a time is coming when the Sikhs, the Muslims, the Christians and the like shall also start demanding that their communities too should be given reservation.

We have noted that the women are also demanding reservations and they want that at least half of the jobs, seats and other situations should be earmarked for them because they have got an equal population in India. The Parliament is already with the draft bill and the same shall be getting through and notified.

Time has come when we should have a look on this reservation policy and it should be banned or written off from all the statutory books available in India. We may be having some other out way for helping these categories, but this reservation system is not good. Time is coming when the people of India shall be divided into religions, castes, colours, sex and they shall be demanding reservations on the basis of their strength in the country and one day they shall come forward and shall demand that all the seats in the Parliament should be divided on the basis of religion and sex and since the ‘Dalits’ are about 30 per cent they should get thirty per cent seats in the Parliament and in all the state level legislative assemblies. Similarly women shall demand their own share. Sikhs, Muslims and the Christians shall also demand their share and a time shall come when these categories shall start demanding that elections should be religion-wise, caste-wise, category-wise and such a system shall virtually divide our country. The dreams of our becoming a nation would never be achieved.

Therefore, time has come when this subject of reservation should be given an open debate and all the people of India should participate in this debate. It should not be left to Parliament only because these politicians have already done much losses to the nation. The had been following the same policy of the English people…Divide and rule, and that had been the reason, we could not unite our people at one platform. There had been no internal peace in the country because of these divisions and some people have turned terrorists and some have started taking part in riots and both these people are killing our own people with our own hands. We have noticed that some people in India are helping the terrorist coming from Pakistan side. These terrorists coming from the other side are given shelter, local information, boarding and lodging, arms and ammunition and places where they could hide after the operation. Had such facilities been not available to them, there was no chance that they could have reached Mumbai, Red Fort and the Parliament. At present the terrorist from Pakistan have got their hiding places all over in India and therefore, our Prime Minister had to declare that whole of India is within the danger zonr.

Therefore, the people of India must consider all these points and they must try to take steps through which they can unite the country and they should disband all those steps which divide us. We should leave the path of the English people and we should come forward with all such steps which should unite us into one nation. And the first step towards these directions should be abolition of reservation system in India because it is not helping us.

( Dalip singh Wasan ) Advocate,

Woman in India.

Dalip Singh Wasan, advocate.

As far as woman in India is concerned, there were times when she had some prestige. We had been naming Seeta first then we had been quoting name of Shri ram and similarly we had been quoting Radha first and then shri Krishna. But with the passing of time, she had been forced to go down and she was not allowed to enter the house of her in laws without adequate dowry and dowry items. We have been hearing that if the people in the house of her in laws take into account the dowry items and they come to the conclusion that it was on the lower side, they could compel her to go back to the house of her parents and bring more dowry or cash and if she fails, there are instances where she has been thrown out, has been killed or such circumstances are created for her that she may commit suicide.

The state passed a law that in the properties and assets of the parents, the daughter has got equal rights with her brothers and keeping in view this law, the people started killing their daughters. Some daughters have been killed before they could take their birth. The state is considering such crimes very seriously, but still such killings are reported through the news papers.

In some of the states in India women are in short supply and therefore, most of the men are remaining without having a marriage. In the state of Punjab we find that only 850 women are there against population of 1000 men in the state and that is the reason some crimes of rape and abduction are on the higher side. We have learnt that some youths of the state of Punjab have started purchasing women from other states and are marrying those girls.

We have noted that now some women have started demanding equal rights with men and they have started asking for share in the Parliament and in the state legislative assemblies. They are demanding reservation in jobs and also in local bodies where people are elected to the chairs. They could get a law that none shall demand dowry, and if some deaths are reported all the people in the house of their in laws are involved in these criminal cases and they are made to suffer. But still we are receiving news of deaths and suicides.

Time has come when the state must come forward and tell the people that this dowry is not charity, but it is share of the daughter in the properties of her parents where she had tak
en birth and it should be bifurcated and given to hear
t the time of her marriage. She should be made real owner of all these shares and these shares should remain with her for at least seven years and only then she should beat liberty to share these belongings with her husband and other members of the family. Her parents should have say prior to completion of seven years. The state and wise people in the state must come forward and must see that the belongings of the woman are kept safe for her. Such steps if taken in the right direction, we shall be able to save the lives of women in India.

She has already realized that she has got equal rights and now she is vigilant about her rights and if the state starts helping her, there are chances that her conditions shall improve and she would be having a happy life in this part of the world.

( Dalip Singh Wasan ) Advicate, 101-C Vikas colony, Patiala-India-147003

Birth of sub religions in India.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate,

101-C Vikas Colony, Patiala-India-147003.

We the people of India are the originators of most of the religions in India. It is on record that the number of Deras, Matths and Asharams had been on the higher side in India. Different people had been establishing these units and it is on record that they had been explaining the same concepts of oneness of God, His Omnipresence and His Omnipotence. In all these units, the people sitting on the seats of power had been preaching that God is one, He is present everywhere, He is supervising all our actions, He is the writer of destiny and luck, He is administering justice and all guilty are being sent to Hell and all people who are doing good towards others are being retained in Heaven where they are provided with all facilities of life and they are allowed to enjoy life after death. The people of India have also established that the people who get Hell are sent on this earth time and again to suffer for the crimes, the sins and the misconduct which they had committed in their life.

Much had been written about God in religious books available in India. But in spite of all these books, the people being illiterate, were liking to listen what the saints say and therefore, it is on record that people had been gathering around those who had started explaining the religious texts and in due course these units started earning money. Therefore, the heads had been holding the seats of power till death and they had been designating their successors. So in due course these units became so strong that they had been declaring that they are the most wise people and therefore, the people must get religious knowledge from them.

To-day media is helping these units and they are approaching people in all walks of life and when the people listen to them and they listen from the promoters, they start running to these units for blessings, for having treatment of their diseases, for solving their problems and for wishing for the success of their wards and even marriages are settled by these units. The religious books and religious places which had been utilized by these heads have already lost their importance and it is on record that people have started approaching them directly and if they bow their heads before religious books and at religious places, these are just formalities. That is the reason all important places, all importance and all regard has been obtained by the people who are running all these deras, matths and asharams. Time is coming when the people holding charge of these units shall be publishing their own granths and they shall be creating separate sub religions in each area and those sub religions shall be named under the name of the originator or under the name they would suggest.

And in due course this establishing deras, asharams and matths are becoming seats of earning money and therefore, it has been established a beneficial business. People who are not getting any work are joining this line and within days they are collecting people and then collecting money from them. Since the people of India are mostly illiterate and the people who are literate, are not well educated are also coming to these deras, matths and asharams for having blessings of the sants. Here the people do not believe in working hard and then having the success. They work less and believe in prayer and these units are exploiting the position of the people. They are telling the devotees that they shall be getting all what they want provided they carry out the instructions and directions given by the saints. Here most of us believe that God shall come down and shall do the work for us and we do not believe in the old saying that ‘God helps those who help themselves’ and that is the reason more and more people are collecting at the units and they are demanding all the things through prayers and thus they waste much of their time, energy and money on these rehearsals.

It is not possible for government of India to ban all deras, asharams and matths, but the state can create separate units for each religion. We have already got an enactment like Shromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee Act and if we bring all Gurdwars under this committee and no such institution should remain independent andin in the hand of some individual person. No one should be allowed to establish a gurdwara except this SGPC. All institutions functioning should be brought under SGPC. If such committees are created through enactments for all the religions, then these private establishment shall be no more and the people shall be having such institutions as per need of the area and no one shall be able to exploit the religious feelings of the people.

There is no way out and therefore, the state must come forward and save the religions where they are and these deras, matths and asharams are coming out, this society shall be having further divisions and we shall never become a nation.


We are nearing true democracy.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Advocate.

When we assess our war of independence, we come to the conclusion that we had been the greatest fighters and it is on record that we could get independence from the imperialists. We forced them to leave our country and hand over the charge of our country to us and they left the country peacefully and they were allowed to leave peacefully and we had no attack on them. But they divided the country at the last moment and it is on record that this partition had been the worst of its kind in the world. Thousands were killed and thousands were obliged to leave their native place and migrate to unknown places. Therefore, we cannot say that this was a peaceful handing over and peaceful taking over. We could not celebrate because of these killings and because of this uprooting.

In the first instance the people who took over the charge started administering this country on the same lines where the imperialists had left it and they had a monopoly here. It is on record that they established here family rule, then party dictatorship and then they kept us under an individual autocracy. All these elements were foreign to the concept of democracy, but we had to bear it because we were having no knowledge and we were not having a lifestyle of living in a democracy. The people who took over the charge were not having any interest in the people of this country and therefore, we can say that we had been slaves as we had been under the rajas, maharajas, monarchs and then under the imperialists.

But in due course we started learning the art of living in a democracy. I started with the new process and in due course we abolished family rule, party dictatorship, individual autocracy and now we have entered in age of alliances. We have started electing right people and in due course we shall be electing our own ministers. We know that the Prime Minister and the Chief Ministers are not appointing competent people as ministers because they are working under their own compulsions. We shall be compelling th
e state to give us shadow cabinets and we s
hall be having a right to elect our ministers through our own votes and once this course is adopted, we shall be giving competent people as ministers.

One party rule is a thing of the past and in the near future, no single party shall be able to claim government. We know that people in power had been misutilising their power and they had been collecting money through scams, scandals, muddles, bribes, sale of jobs and having dalali and commissions. We are locating all such people and in due course we shall be identifying all such properties and assets and there are chances that we shall be confiscating all such ill-gotten properties and shall be depositing the same in the state exchequer. We shall also be locating all those successors who are enjoying on ill-gotten properties of their forefathers. We know that this is the only way out because otherwise there are no chances that we could correct our people on government chairs. Confiscation is the only out way and we shall adopt this way out in due course.

We have been given to understand that people get the government they deserve and if we had not been having good governments in the past, we must admit our own mistake and we are correcting ourselves. The latest elections show that we are objecting when a tainted person is given ticket and when someone with low qualifications get ticket. These are the new trends, which are in the offing and we have chosen the right path. The future of India is on the right direction and we shall be giving to the world at large a true democracy and we shall lead the world in this direction. The people of India are slow, but we must admit that they are on the right direction.


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