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Time for the Spirit of Mary Magdalene to Emerge

Teresa Proctor asked:

It is time for the Women of the World to connect to their voice and to speak their truth from a place of Heart.

Unfortunately we all have allowed this planet to exist in state of imbalance for far too long but, this is slowly changing and is being reflected in the current situation of earth. “Global Warming” is a manifestation of how the energy is changing and rightly so. It is time that the energy return to its origin, female. We have only to look around us to understand why, we can no longer accept the old energy and why changes must occur. The male energy has dominated the planet for far too long. Female and male energy must stand side by side in order to bring balance and harmony to the planet. The planet is just a reflection of what is occurring energetically.

The planet began as female energy and is currently in the process of reverting back. We are a global society, which did not exist in the past, we are coming into a new energy, which is needed to nurture and grow this new global society which is being created. We as a people and as individuals are being exposed to new ways of learning, new ideas, new ways of growing and new understandings of connection. This is not what is currently supported and many will feel threatened, as this process continues to unfold and expand. Their will be many who will feel uncomfortable with this process, because they are comfortable with the statue quo of control, domination and manipulation. This old idea is reflected in many of the current religions, politics and old regimes across the global. The old energy is very threatened at this current time and this is being reflected in many different areas, such as abuse of women and children, divorce rates, the amount of destruction of the earth, property and human life and the overall lack of compassion.

In the past there has always been a great struggle for change to occur. However, there does not need to be, many men are connected to their hearts and voices. They understand the need for balance to return, and unlike during the Women’s lib movement; Women now understand the need for balance. It does no one any good to live with domination, control or manipulation, these are very destructive energies and as history shows, no one ever wins in situations of imbalance or domination.

So why is the old energy so threatened? Control, domination and manipulation are powerful aphrodizactis, and just as addicts have a difficult time going straight, so will the old energy have a difficult time giving up control for harmony, domination for equality and manipulation for truth. However, living with harmony, equality and truth will take much less energy. Ultimately, male and female energy will work together for the good of all. Can you imagine no more hunger in the world? Can you imagine a world, where talking is more valued than power? Can you imagine a world where every child is educated in a loving, and nurturing environment that encourages creativity? Can you imagine a world of equality? Can you imagine a world that puts compassion before profit? Well, this is exactly the type of changes that are taking place right now and we have a choice to support this new energy or not! How will you choose to support the new energy?

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