Non Standard Leadership Techniques

Tapping Into the Source of our Creativity

June Stepansky asked:

Creativity is like algebra:

a thought from column (A)

plus a thought from column (B)

becomes the new solution (AB),

creating something extraordinary

out of something ordinary.

Creativity is the electricity

that breaks down barriers

and moves mountains.


Being creative is a necessary part of any artistic project, but it can also be very useful to us in daily living.

When confronted with a problem, most of us tend to follow current thinking, or follow the advice of friends and family, or perhaps explore options which our past experiences may suggest to us.

If these methods solve the problem, we have no need to search further, but if the problem persists, we must then call upon our creative energies.

This requires finding new ways of thinking by trying new combinations and exploring new possibilities until the right solution is achieved.

This approach is encouraging because it means that no problem in unsolvable, but must be pursued creatively and continuously until a satisfying solution is discovered.

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