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So Are You Taking the Ps of the PMP Course Seriously?

Jessica Parklanes asked:

A PMP Course focuses on Project Management at a professional level recognized and this course is prized worldwide. If you have taken and passed the course, you have the credential to show for it, but how professional are you when it comes to project management?

What It Means To be a Project Management Professional

People in professional careers are expected to observe professional ethics at work, including their interaction with other professionals; project managers are always put to the test because they manage people, resources, and projects, and always professionally. The PMP Course they have taken should guide them towards the right direction.

A professional does his job well and is never content with “making do.” This is the gist of the PMP Course. No wonder having a PMP certificate does wonders to your resume and to your career. The course places emphasis on Project Management and Professional, hence as a holder of a PMP certificate, you are expected to stand above the herd.

To be a professional managing a project, you are expected to put to test the relationships of the PM processes in a given situation, exactly like the test questions you hurdled during the PMP Exam after taking the PMP Course. You handle the project from the planning to implementation with that confidence backed up with a Bachelors Degree and 4,500 hours of project management and your PMP certificate.

Taking the Ps Seriously

After taking the PMP Course and passing the test, you are ready to take on challenging projects. But are you ready to live up to the PMP standard, think NASA. You have to demonstrate to your present bosses or to potential employers that you have a rock-solid foundation of both education and experience in managing projects and get the expected results. Consistently doing a remarkable job entitles you to raises, promotions or bonuses.

With each new assignment you strive to excel, that makes you a professional worthy of your PMP qualifications. You have the skills, knowledge, technique and tools at your disposal to meet the expectations of your bosses. You always have to prove that as a PM Professional, credentialed by the non-profit Project Management Institute you have met the rigorous standards of the International Standard Organization better known as ISO.

Whatever your capability, whether you are a sales professional, engineer, procurement specialist, or events manager, you are responsible for quality projects no matter how limited your resources or the time given to the project schedule. Although you cannot be perfect, or your project may be saddled with problems, you can hurdle all these, guided by what you have learned from the PMP Course.

Are You a Professional?

Prior to the PMP Course, you had to plan projects carefully, make decisions, lead a team, and do your job as expected of you. These shaped you into a professional worthy of the name.

The course enhanced your job related skills and strengthened your leadership role. You can do things right even in problematic situations without getting personal about it and blaming your team. Instead, you look for ways to solve the problems to complete the project on schedule.

If you have been doing this, you have been minding the Ps of your PMP Course. You deserve to be a professional in your field.

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