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Set Up a Creativity Center

Lily Morgan asked:

If your kids are always begging to watch television or to turn on the video game system, maybe you need to help them find some alternatives. You will always hear people grumping about how kids never use their imaginations anymore or about how their creativity is squelched by the television. The problem is that kids learn by watching adults, and if we turn on the television when we are bored, then so will they. The best way to get your kids away from in front of the television is to give them a viable alternative. One great option is to set up a creativity center. Here are a few things that you may want to include.

Art Desk

An art desk can take many different forms. The only thing that it really needs to include is plenty of space. Of course, there are myriad other options that you can include, such as cups to put paints, slots for pens and markers, clips to hold down paper and even built-in easels. Develop a flat space where they can use modeling clay and make sure the kids have a bin to store it in so it doesn’t dry out. The more gadgets you have at your kid’s art desk, the more likely they are to want to spend time there.

Science Desk

Do your kids always want to do experiments? Set up a place in your creativity center to carry these experiments out. Use clear plastic cups to grow plants or keep a hamster cage. The possibilities are limitless and once you get your kids engaged in this area, they will naturally be drawn to it when they are bored. The appeal of making something to do instead of just being entertained may be enough to win back their imaginations. You can even buy a basic science kits loaded with simple yet safe experiments that will teach your kids the elementary principles of working in a lab and making observations. The kids’ll be learning without even realizing it.


Whether it is puppet shows or an actual stage where your kids can put on shows, they will derive hour after hour of creative entertainment in a stage or theatre space. Turn them loose with a goal, and your kids will create, design, perform and dream their way to bigger and better productions than you probably though them capable of. This is an excellent way for parents to encourage the creative abilities in their kids. It is also a good way for kids to learn to work together and to help some children who may be a little bit more shy come out of their shells.

You can make this experience more interactive by including the use of the art desk. Not only can your kids perform, they can use the art desk to design and decorate their stage props. This is a great way to teach them how different facets of creativity work together to form one complete project. It also creates an opportunity for kids with different talents to get involved in every stage of the process.

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