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Parenting Tips: How to Encourage your Young Reluctant Reader

Barbara Beccari asked:

“I don’t want to read a story!”

Does this sound familiar? Do you have a little someone who doesn’t like to read?

It is difficult for a parent when they have a child who doesn’t enjoy reading. We feel this enormous pressure to raise our young children to become avid readers, knowing that a lot of what we do in life is dependent on understanding the written word. We know that not only could they could miss out on vital information, but also a great deal of enjoyment if reading isn’t something about which they are confident and happy.

Ok, so what is a parent to do? You can’t tie your child down, while they yell and carry on, and make them read to you, even though sometimes it may be tempting!

So the trick is to get creative and sneaky! Bring in reading when they least expect it. Have reading be a part of their everyday and make it fun.

Have you ever thought to:

1. Write words with permanent texta on plastic and play sinking games with them in the bath?

2. Hang cards with words or short bits of text off the clothes line and spin them around to read them?

3. Hide little notes with words or text in the back yard or around the house and play a finding game?

4. Ask them to tell you a story and you write it down? They can illustrate it and then turn it into a booklet. Children love to read what they have created themselves. You could start a ‘published author’ section on your bookshelf where their stories take pride of place.

5. Have a word-a-day on a card that can be discussed at the dinner table? This can lead to some very interesting discussions! Kids have fun picking something at random from a dictionary and they might just come up with a word that stumps the whole family!

6. Go somewhere special to read? – the park, in a tent, in a dark room with a torch!

7. Dress-up to read? – yes, both you and your child get into the character of the story!

Parents are very creative people. Put on those thinking caps and see what crazy fun ways you can come up with, to bring sparkles and laughter into reading with your child. There will be two benefits – your reluctant reader will learn to enjoy reading time and your relationship with your child will be closer than ever!

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