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Outdoor Water Fountains – Encourage the Wildlife

Chris Courtis asked:

There are lots of ways we can help to create a good garden area that looks visually appealing to us and also helps to benefit the wildlife.  For many years outdoor water fountains have played an important role in the garden in helping to provide essential water and washing areas for birds.  The traditional style ones probably are more commonly known as bird baths, and these are still available to buy, however over the years the designs and quality of the outdoor water fountains have improved considerably.

The outdoor water fountains can be extremely creative and innovative or if you prefer you can still have a traditional one; it really depends on what would fit best into your garden.  If you are looking for a modern approach then there are some great designs and some of the modern materials used include copper, stainless steel and slate.  The manufactures have become increasingly more creative in their approach to the design and as such there is now a more varied selection than has ever been seen before.  As an example the use of shape and height has been incorporated into the outdoor water fountains to provide elegant and contemporary features, far removed from the old style traditional stone features.

The new modern outdoor water fountains are still extremely effective in helping with the eco system of your garden and allow the wildlife and birds to still make good use of the water.  Due to the way the fountains work there is always a pool of water which is used to recycle around the fountain rather than pulled from an external water supply or the homes main supply and this is ideal for the birds to use.  If you are a nature lover then adding an outdoor water fountain to your garden is an excellent way to encourage more birds and wildlife into your outside space.  If you have a pond in your garden then the outdoor water fountains make a perfect accompaniment and integrate very well into your existing pond area.  Even if you do not have a pond or only have a patio space then the outdoor water fountains can still be added as they vary in size and shape so there will be one to suite your space.  They are also perfect if you have a flat with a balcony and they can help to bring some wildlife to an area that otherwise may not attract too much.  Outdoor water fountains are very versatile and have many different uses for us and the wildlife, so breathe life into your garden and help improve the balance of your gardens eco system.


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