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Interpath Technologies Transactional Analysis Methodology For It Troubleshooting

Barry Koplowitz asked:

During 11 years of troubleshooting high profile network & application performance issues across global enterprises up to 120,000 nodes–Interpath Technologies Corporation developed its specialized Network & Application performance Analysis methodology.

We have helped companies like IBM, ING-Direct & Lucent Technologies find Resolution for under-performing networks & applications.

Application & Network Performance Analysis requires Protocol Analysis tools, – Sniffer ®, Ethereal ® WireShark ®. However, it adds advanced methodical troubleshooting processes to–standard Protocol Analysis techniques.

Application & Network performance Analysis addresses gathering & interpreting information required for diagnosing & troubleshooting network & application performance problems.

An Application or Network may under-perform for years – Application users & components in different geographical locations – Application possibly multi-tiered.

Different IT departments convinced that the problem is not in their area. “Sniffing” skills alone–are inadequate.

Application & Network performance Analysis encompasses–all aspects of enterprise networking.

Application & Network Performance Analyst needs skills in interviewing, writing & diplomacy.

Interpath means flow of communication between all transaction components – Users, Servers, Switches, Routers, Operating Systems, Security devices, Database Protocol – anything involved in executing a network or application transaction. Trouble can be anywhere along an Interpath.

Troubleshooting all OSI model layers – using tools like Sniffer ®, Ethereal ®, WireShark ® – technical interviews with client Subject Matter Experts and more- Interpath Technologies maps — how the application moves – between all its components – simultaneously. That is Interpath. Troubleshooting network & application performance is a process, not a tool.

Clear, technical documentation is critical to success.

Interpath Technologies presents results in technical & non-technical formats – including protocol analyzer screen shots, spreadsheets, drawings, narratives – explaining causes of application or network issues.

We provide the platform for all IT teams to agree upon a process of resolution. Our deliverable is factual and incontestable.

Leadership – guidance – project management – diplomacy – have been key components of our success – as well as protocol analysis skills. We coordinate our clients’ EngineeringTeams around the world – with our Analysts as focal points & primary diagnosticians.

Server Consolidation or Virtualization frequently creates unexpected results – servers come together – but move away from users or other components.

We diagnose global network application issues. We often work through bridgecalls, WebEx ® or other remote media – enabling us to work with distributed teams simultaneously regardless of location. We provide on-site Network & Application Performance Analysts as needed.

Many client’s have distributed versions of Sniffer ®, Ethereal ®, WireShark ®, or other Protocol Analysis tools in place. If not, we can provide them – or build them from Open-Source protocol analysis software. Engineers go to training classes to learn troubleshooting or Application Performance Tuning Techniques – receive 5 to 20 days of intense instruction – covering only a fraction of what is required – go back to their companies to solve serious problems – and often fail.

Tools like WireShark ®, Ethereal ® and Sniffer ® were not to blame – you can’t become a Network & Application Performance Analyst in a few weeks. In addition to learning the prerequisite protocol analysis skills or tools like Sniffer ®, Ethereal ® WireShark® – many years of training, practice and experience are needed to learn how to map an Interpath–and create solid testing.

Learning how to handle power tools doesn’t teach you how to build a house. WireShark ®, Ethereal ® Sniffer ® are power tools.

Training in these tools is important – yet inadequate for troubleshooting an enterprise network or application. Learning the OSI model and network protocol tools doesn’t teach you to be a Protocol Analyst or Network & Application Performance Analyst.

Troubleshooting is a science–an art and a field of expertise–not a tool.

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