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How to Bring Out the Creative Juices From your Team

Kaitlyn Miller asked:

In any organization, people basically have different work attitudes and habits. One may be creative in the morning, while another would much rather work late nights to get their creative juices flowing.

Nevertheless, getting all of these people to work for your business goal is not that difficult. You just have to develop the environment to bring out the creativity from your team. Add these factors to your work environment and you’ll surely have everyone’s brightest ideas out during the creative process.

Factor 1: The Meeting Space

The number one factor in your “creative process” priority list should be to create a comfortable meeting space – not just for your morning person, but for every member in your creative team.

If one of your staff admits to having difficulty concentrating in the morning, it would make a world of difference not just for him/her, but for everybody else, to be sitting on a comfortable chair rather than squirming on one.

Having to concentrate on themes and objectives would be easy if you could just give your creative team a meeting area that they can feel at ease and relaxed. The better to let the ingenious juices flow naturally.

Factor 2: Your Focus; Your Target

It is a fact that there are a lot of things to do when you land a big client. In addition to your print ads, you still need to come up with a web page design, graphics for your marketing collaterals, the printing process, and still other stuff that entails one whole promotional campaign.

Regardless, you need to focus on one task at a time instead of getting everyone’s thoughts and dividing them into segments. Use your creative team to complete one task and then move on to another. This way, you can have a solid idea for each of the marketing activities rather than cluttered plans for the whole lot.

Factor 3: The Light Bulbs

Encourage a “No idea is a bad idea” policy among your team. You’d be surprised at how many great ideas have been dumped just because your members are afraid to be told in front of everybody else for a supposedly “bad idea”.

Don’t let those light bulbs dim and finally shatter during the creative process. Let everybody know that everyone’s suggestion is welcome. Initiate a work environment that is open and let their imagination flow.

Factor 4: Build On The Light Bulbs

So everyone has contributed their creative worth. Now then, put together all those light bulbs and turn them into one solid marketing campaign that ensures profits.

Factor 5: Add Fuel To The Energy

Feed your creative team. Nothing lessens everyone’s creative processing more than hunger does. So provide your team with food and drinks to improve their thinking process.

Most of all provide open communication with your creative team to bring out the best ideas. Don’t let the creative ideas stop when the meeting ends. Make it known that you are still open for more contributions.

With a more creative team up your sleeves, you can count on more effective designs on your printed collateral like flyers, postcards, posters, catalogs, also in your online presence or ads and in every aspect of your business overall.

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