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Graduation Announcements – 6 Creative Ways to Announce Your Achievement

Linda Kling asked:

A graduation is an accomplishment that deserves to be commemorated and celebrated.  After all your hard work, it is only natural that you would want to share the good news of your graduation with everyone.  But graduation announcements can do so much more than just list the facts of your achievement.  If you’re having a party, they can also serve as graduation party invitations.  You can also include contact information, so that others can keep in touch with you after you leave school.  Here are 6 unique, clever ideas for graduation announcements:

1. Graduation Announcement Website.  You don’t have to be website designer to put together a simple page using a template and adding some photos.  You might even want to add a video of the graduation ceremony.   Or for an easier and cost-free route, consider using one of the free photo sharing websites to showcase your photos in your own graduation album.

2. Graduation Announcement Business Cards.  If you go to a big school, have lots of relatives and friends, and you need a low cost way to pass along your contact information to many people, this may be the idea for you.  Have your name printed in the center, followed by the school you graduated from and the date.  Include information that is not likely to change, such as your cell phone number and email address. 

3. Graduation Announcement Magnets.  There are tons of companies that will print your message on just about anything from coffee mugs to mouse pads.  One of the cheapest items that can be imprinted with your personalization is a magnet.  Other inexpensive imprintables are buttons, keychains and pens.  Put your name, school, class of (and year), and maybe even email address and/or cellphone number.  These are light enough to mail, easy to hand out to your classmates,  and make a great keepsake party favor.

4. Graduation Announcement Bookmarks.  Personalized graduation bookmarks can contain a longer message than a magnet.  You might want to add a favorite quote or poem or even a thank you for support and encouragement.  Some companies will even incorporate your photo into the design.  The ribbon or tassel could be in your school colors.  These are also lightweight for mailing and are unique graduation party favors your guests will be sure to treasure.

5. Graduation Announcement Candy Bar Wrappers.  If you’re creative and would enjoy making these yourself, it’s really easy.  You can download free templates and designs from the internet and personalize them yourself.  Then it’s just a matter of printing, cutting them out, folding and taping them over chocolate bars you buy.

6. Photo Graduation Announcements. The new trend in graduation announcements is to feature one or more photos.  You can use a current photo and one of yourself when you graduated kindergarten. Or you might decide to choose one in your cap and gown and the other in casual clothes.   You’re no longer limited to just a few companies that offer bland stock designs with little choice in wording. There is such a variety of sizes and styles available.  Whatever photo or photos you want to include, colors, graphics or words, you can find something that reflects your personality.

This is the time for you to shine.  So why not share the announcement of your accomplishment with creativity and style? You don’t have to settle for ordinary graduation invitations, announcements or favors. Make you’re graduation announcements as unique as you are!

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