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Fun, Creative Ideas For Digital Picture Frames

Lynn Terry asked:

Digital Picture Frames come in a variety of styles, but many of them look like your traditional photo frames. The digital frames allow you to load your digital pictures – and even music – into them for interactive photo frames!

They are both affordable and easy to use, making them ideal for any family. They also make great gifts as a stand-alone item, or pre-loaded with digital pictures and music.

A digital picture frame will display streaming slide shows, play music, and even show video files. As easy as they are to load with digital content, you can keep your picture frame current with recent photos from vacation, graduation, family events, your growing children – or practically anything you want to show off!

Below are 7 super creative ways that you can use digital picture frames:

1. Set up a comforting slide show of family photos, accompanied by lullabies, and place it in the nursery for your baby or small child to enjoy. You might include pictures of Mommy, Daddy, grandparents and even the favorite teddy bear. Not only will they enjoy their personalized show, but it makes a great night light as well!

2. Create a slideshow of family photos that spans several across decades for your parents wedding anniversary. It will make the perfect gift! Let them watch their children grow up all over again while they enjoy highlights from their life together. This is sure to be a big hit at the anniversary party.

3. Give the grandparents something to show off! Preload the digital picture frame with current pictures of their grandchildren before you give it to them. You can update it with new pictures each time you go for a visit. This would make a great holiday or birthday gift, and its something they would truly treasure.

4. Use your digital picture frame to encourage fun family time. Let everyone, even the children, take fun pictures during family outings. It may be a trip to the park, a hike in the woods, or a day at the pool. You can update your digital frame together afterwards. The children will really enjoy being involved in the “production” for your ever-changing photo frame!

5. Digital frames are perfect for business counters or office desks. You can display current specials or new products. Imagine a real estate agent showcasing the latest homes. A photographer showing off their line of prints. An interior decorator displaying a slideshow of before and after shots from recent contracts. A web designer could even showcase screen shots of their best work. The ideas are endless!

6. Let your digital picture frame tell a story with a musical slideshow. It may be the building of your new home. You can showcase your children from birth to their current age. Or you might make a mini-movie of your life as a couple – from dating to wedding to children. It will keep people captivated to the very end, and be an incredible conversation piece!

7. Use your digital frame as a mobile presentation tool. Small and easy to carry, you can display almost any type of images you like. Most have a remote control and are compatible with various file formats, allowing you to offer an intriguing visual presentation on almost any topic!

If you have hundreds of pictures on your hard drive, or try to show off pictures with the display screen on your digital camera, these new frames would be perfect for you.

They are easy to use, and don’t need to be hooked up to a computer to work. You can simply download pictures from your digital camera, or use common memory cards to create your digital slideshows.

Imagine all of the fun ways you could display your digital images! Your digital frame is sure to light up any room, and spark great conversations.

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