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Kevin Sinclair asked:

So often today, we hear of the power of the affirmation as it is spoken about with reverence in hushed tones. Yet to ask someone what an affirmation is we are left with the impression that its power exists for the fact that if we say something often enough we will believe it, if we believe it, so it is. Could something so powerful as to manifest our desires be so simple? The answer is yes!

An affirmation is a vehicle on which we may carry ourselves on to reach the very heights of potential. An affirmation is the key to unlock the chains of the negativity that too often condemns the wearer to a life of mediocrity. An affirmation is a weapon against the torment of emotional baggage.

In understanding how an affirmation works it is important to know what an affirmation is not. An affirmation is not statement of fact until you make it so. An affirmation is not a magic spell that has control over the heavens and earth. An affirmation is not some new form of telepathy that has some unnatural ability to control another’s mind or manipulate their free will. Finally an affirmation is not a lie that you can manifest. An affirmation is not statement of fact until you make it so.

An affirmation may be used in a very personal and spiritual way in building our sense of self, and an affirmation may be used in the same way to build our business endeavors. An affirmation provides you with the confidence and the motivation to keep on keeping on towards your goal.

An affirmation works because we become pro-active in taking responsibility for the way we feel. In fact one of the very best affirmations for personal growth you might like to begin with is “I am responsible for me”. Put simply your ex-lover did not make you feel bad when they left, you allowed yourself to feel that way. Therefore by taking responsibility for the way you feel is taking back the power you gave up. This is just one small example of how an affirmation might work for you each of our situations are different, our lives don’t all revolve around past loves.

Affirmations work in creating the right atmosphere on getting started on a task. While it is true that an affirmation works and our desires become reality by feeding on thought, thinking about the bridge doesn’t build it. This is the first step in the construction, there will come a time when you must get your hands dirty, but by then you did not notice yourself working, it just happened.

Certainly we can do no harm in using an affirmation at any time of our lives on any day for any reason. It would seem senseless to not to take advantage of the opportunity to lift ourselves higher at any time. While I am not suggesting we have failed because we are not swinging from the rafters with excitement and delight every day of our lives, and we surely have not failed to find ourselves content and where we are wanting to be in life. On the contrary, this is absolutely acceptable; to be content is the greatest feeling in the world. Perhaps if this is where you are in life, or where you would like to be your affirmation could be as simple as “I am content”.

There are times although when a good positive affirmation is necessary to kick start our lethargic selves into the right direction. When we are feeling down and bluesy, or frustrated with our present condition, or when we are faced with a mountainous dilemma, an affirmation is good medicine.

How To Create Affirmations That Work in your life:

Take care when creating your affirmation to be careful of what you wish for, yes the power of the affirmation is all that. When you create an affirmation you are sculpturing your thoughts.

To compose your affirmation focus on your desire and write them down, it really is as simple as that. The trick is to keep it brief and in the present tense. By giving yourself an escape route to delay your desired outcome you are not in fact propelling yourself to the target. Do not create your affirmation with “someday”, or “If”. “I am”, is perfect and so is “I can”, “I think I can”, must become “I know I can”, do not allow the dreaded element of doubt to cloud your goal. On the same hand if you do not believe your affirmation it is not the right one for you, perhaps begin with “I believe I can”.

Once you have created you affirmation you should consider reinforcing it by placing it in various places you are likely to find it again throughout your days. You could even write it in lipstick on your bathroom mirror, leave it on a card on your coffee table, and place it on small notes in your clothing pockets. Get creative and have some fun with it, send it on a post card to yourself, design new wallpaper for your computer with this message.

One of the most effective affirmation reinforcements you could do is to write it down in a diary every morning before your day begins, and again each night as the last thing you do before dreaming.

The little engine that could had to know that it could before it was possible for that little engine to climb the mountain. I am sorry to revert to a popular children’s story to support the grown up theory of the affirmation, but I did this to show you that it really is as easy and natural as that.


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