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Election Expert Blog Tour Provides Authors a Creative and Cost Effective Publicity Opportunity

FSB Authors asked:

October 21, 2008 Despite a faltering economy, authors and book publishers are continuing to pursue creative and effective marketing campaigns. One such campaign run by FSB Associates, an Internet marketing firm, is securing publicity for their clients on sites ranging from Huffington Post to The Washington Post. “The Election Expert Blog Tour is providing content and experts to bloggers and Web sites hungry for content, and providing authors an affordable way to promote their books and show their expertise online” said FSB President, Fauzia Burke. “It’s a win-win situation.”

From October 7th through Election Day 2008, FSB Associates is reaching out to over 100 political bloggers and Web sites providing content and offering authors as experts. The viralstrategy offers two unique articles, written by each author, as content to bloggers and, all the while, promoting their books on major political blogs; placements are landing on Washington Post,, The Hill, Huffington Post, Veterans Today, Instapundit, and others. “This year’s election is likely to be the most influential of our lifetime, and the Blog Tour gives us a unique opportunity to promote books and authors in a creative and cost-effective way.” says Burke.

Behind the success of the tour are its authors including Sumbul Ali-Karamali, Win McCormack, and Bill Murphy. There is a web site for FSB’s Election Experts Blog Tour which has launched at where bloggers are encouraged to take any and all information they deem useful and necessary where new material is added daily. Recent articles include: John McCain, Postmodern Candidate by Win McCormack, Which Candidate Would Make the Better Pirate? by Edward Chupack, So Whose Fault is it When Candidates Fudge on the Federal Budget? by Scott Bittle, and That Veil Thing by Sumbul Ali-Karamali. “FSB’s election blog tour is a great opportunity for me as an author to write about how my field of expertise is relevant to today’s public election discourse,” says participant and author Sumbul Ali-Karamali, “and it’s a wonderful way to engage our public in critically thinking about different viewpoints concerning politics — and all while raising awareness of my new book, The Muslim Next Door.”

Inspired by the success of the Blog Tour, FSB intends to launch a bigger tour for the upcoming new year entitled New Year, New You with start dates beginning in December 2008. “This year the “new you” campaign will be more serious as we all look for strategies for thriving in the current economic reality,” said Burke. “People are looking for help and they are looking for it online.”

Seeing the potential success of the Internet marketing in 1995, Fauzia Burke started FSB Associates. With thirteen years in her company’s portfolio, FSB Associates has grown to over twelve employees and is venturing into events promotion, branding, and DVD marketing, continuing to plan for growth in 2009. Clients have included bestselling authors such as Alan Alda and Daniel Silva, as well as publishing houses of all sizes from Random House to Fair Winds Press.


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