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Does Hot Wheels Race Track Encourage Learning?

Richard Runion asked:

There are three different types of learners, according to child development experts. There are Visual Learners who use their eyes to learn, and are dubbed, the “lookers”; Auditory Learners use ears, and are the “listeners”, moving and touching form the learning mode for Kinesthetic Learners; they are the “movers”. Though everybody uses all these faculties, one of the styles is likely to dominate.

The process of discovery is encouraged by the right toys. They bring joy, and raise your child’s self-esteem. The positive learning environment thus created contributes to your child’s growth.

Simple actions suffice to teach children what their own body can do. Refined and coordinated movements follow. During the growth of the child the complex body movements lead to the use of their bodies during play. This is also known as gross motor skills. Building, pulling, stacking, and throwing are the areas encouraged by toys when they enter the developmental area.

Playing is a process of learning, for children. Choose toys relevant to the growth level of your child. This will boost the growth in many key areas, physical, emotional, social, language, intellectual and creativity.

Mattel introduced Hot Wheels in 1968. This was a brand of die-cast toy car. The Matchbox brand was acquired by Mattel from Tyco, in 1996. HotWheel Race Track models are portable, light and made of plastic. These models are aimed at reaching out to preschoolers but even younger kids can play with them. They don’t need assembling, and are safe.

Free-rolling wheels are a characteristic of Hot Wheels Race Track. This implies that the tiny cars on this track roll farther than other cars available, currently. A orange plastic track is placed to make loops and jumps, and these cars are designed to run on this track. The thrusting power is gravity, the starting point of a course has simply to be attached by the child to a table or chair via an included C clamp. A two-lane starting gate is available, allowing two lengths of track to be set up for racing. Later sets have both the starting gate and a finishing flag.

Hot Wheels Race Track toy varieties available in the market include Hot Wheels Starter Set Track Set, 4-LANE RACEWAY, and Turbo Glo Turbo Tunnel Track Set. These toys develop hand-eye coordination and physical skills. They develop creativity as these toys come with enough scope for experimentation.

The Hot Wheels Race Track price starts from $19.99, and is reasonably priced. Battery life is also reasonably long.

Hot Wheels Race Track is modifiable, and includes a motorized track-set for starters that allows kids to make their Hot Wheels perform multiple stunts. The two possible track set-ups enable children to control the action. It comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle, two figures and two cones and an overhead sign. But it isn’t designed for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles. Some models come unassembled. The colors and decorations may vary. It normally requires 2 “D” Batteries, which are not included.

All in all, Hot Wheels Race Track has proved to be a favorite with kids and parents alike, for its learning-cum-fun quality.


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