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Creative Ways To Use Your Digital Camera – Learn To Never Leave Home Without It

Mike Singh asked:

Most people buy a camera to take pictures – which is what it is for. Photographs of family members, portraits, landscapes, animals, magazines, newspapers, etc. are the main purposes, to either put on the Web, business purposes, or just family stuff. However, there are many other ways and purposes the camera can be used – and lots more fun.

One of the innovative ways the digital camera can be used is for many areas of education purposes. Lectures use them for discussion clarity, such as traveling to Italy or to see the inside of a chemical. Many digital photos are used for medical teaching, such as diagnosis and treatments.

Building reference collections of a chosen field or interest is an excellent way to categorize things. Photographs are used for encouraging critical thinking skills, illustrating case studies, enhancing creative skills, emphasize visual communication abilities, analyze practices, to document an event, or to access knowledge or observations.

Insurance companies use digital photography techniques for substantial savings. When their field inspectors go out for claim inspections, they take photos with their digital cameras. After this, they immediately download them into their laptop computers, tagging each photograph with text information, including the policy and claim numbers. When this is done, they send the information back through a wireless server, where the server confirms their receipt and closes down. Next case is onboard for the inspectors within minutes. Statistics show that field inspectors who use digital cameras increase their caseload by 40%, with a savings of 70% in film and developing costs.

The possibility of taking digital photos of the home, trailer, or apartment, that is either for sale or one that has been damaged, is endless. The photo will reveal the actual need for repairs or replacements to the home insurance field agent, while also providing important locations of valves, location of utilities, or the general operations of things. If the front porch needs to be repaired, with estimates from carpenters, photos can be shot of the porch, while e-mailing them to several carpenters without leaving the home. You do not have to wait for them to visit you.

They can even e-mail the estimates back after looking at the pictures. When something major has occurred to the home – a hurricane or a flood – have the inspector arrive at the damaged property. Photographs can be taken by the inspector or by the homeowner of visible damaged areas, accessible items, heating systems, central air condition systems, plumbing, etc. upon which a hard copy of the inspection report will be handed over, corresponding to the matching photographs.

Try using the digital camera as a copier or scanner, with high-resolution camera for documents, important paper work, pictures, etc. If needed, use a tripod and lots of lighting to ensure the works will be clear and legible. To remember the address, or phone number on a billboard or yard sign, you can click a digital photo.

If we tend to forget where we park our car, a photo will help us to remember. We can also shoot photos of the back portion of computers, stereo sets, etc. This will help us to have a record of the serial numbers, the jacks, and ports, looking at how they are connected.

Using the digital camera for memory work, back ups, or proof and verification adds more value to the camera. It will also take time off insurance paper work for auto wrecks, home repair, or important paperwork if lost. It is simply a matter of getting into the habit of using it for personal benefits, instead of just leisure. The digital camera is not just another pretty face!


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