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Arne Rantzen asked:

“WHY CAN I PAY MY BILLS?” was the question that made Arne Rantzen realize the power of questions. Arne tells us how he discovered Creative Questions.

“Some years back I was discouraged about my bills and was doing my usual self-abusing and complaining that my success wasn’t where it should be, so I re-focused on how I could actually pay my bills. This time something happened and I noticed that the feeling bad, negative and hopeless was suddenly replaced by feeling good and positive, with plans at hand. Looking closer at the transformation I realized that I had changed from feeling bummed out by the answers to my question “Why do I have so many bills?” to feeling excited by wondering “HOW CAN I PAY MY BILLS?”

After 7 years of investigation Monica Garaycoechea and Arne Rantzén share their findings, of the impact that questions have on our lives. They are committed to teach the new Creative Question Language and have now developed several inspirational tools, such as the elegant Creative Question Cards set, the one-year Online Advanced Coaching program, their international workshops and individual coaching, available on their interactive web

What is a Creative Question and why should you be asking them?

Arne says, “Creative Questions are specific questions. “How shall I deal with my relationship?” and “Should I buy this new Car?” are not creative questions. Creative Questions train your mind, by choosing the questions that will give you the answer that you want. When you ask yourself “How shall I deal with my relationship?” you are not guided in any particular direction. This question can give you a variety of answers. Creative Questions are precise questions that only allow answers that promote the result that you want, like “HOW DOES MY RELATIONSHIP SUPPORT ME?” makes you realize how supportive your relationship is.

The story of these two professionals demonstrates the gradual uncovering of the Power of Creative Questions, because they both wondered “HOW CAN I LIVE UP TO MY POTENTIAL?” Now, their realization has become a breakthrough in consciousness evolution circles.


Monica and Arne have both worked a lot with affirmations over the years, an important tool used in many New Age and self-help circles to create a supportive frame of mind. “I am grateful to this step of evolution and to Louise Hay, Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray, the originators of much of the body of work around the use of affirmations,” Arne said. Now the next step in evolution has arrived as the Creative Questions Approach. Tapping into this level of manifestation, results are accelerated and deepened at the same time. “With affirmations, it’s a little more flat, continued Monica. You can use the affirmation “I am successful”, but when you switch to the Creative Question “WHY AM I SUCCESSFUL?” you notice an immediate switch to being filled with powerful certainty.”

Monica Garaycoechea was a medical doctor in her home country of Spain for 14 years, before she realized, that although she had the success most people only dreamed of, she said, “I was still missing something.”

At the same time, Swedish born Arne Rantzén was frustrated that his life wasn’t going anywhere.

In 1982 Arne began to bring his experience of Tibetan Buddhism, hands-on healing, therapeutic breathing techniques and the New Age worlds together. He wanted to create an effective healing technique that brought physical health, as well as reminding people to live meaningful lives with a sense of spiritual fulfillment. He worked as a trainer with such key figures in the consciousness movement as Sondra Ray, the creator of the Loving Relationships Training, Bob and Mallie Mandel, the leaders in Rebirthing and the International Seminar Leadership Program and Don McFarland, the founder of Body Harmony. And no matter how strong his credentials grow, he still brings that sparkling and humble presence to his events.

Meanwhile, Monica had established her own medical clinic in Spain. She found herself feeling that the “medical explanations were not enough” and wondered “What is the real cause of sickness?” Wanting answers, not only from a physical approach, but also from a metaphysical stand point.

Monica started her quest with Zen meditation, yoga and spiritual psychology. Then she explored, in depth, A Course In Miracles, Rebirthing with the founder Leonard Orr, and became a teacher of Louise Hay’s “You can heal your life” program. She began to understand the bridge between our physical and spiritual lives and that we are really creating our own realities. Monica accessed her freedom, immersing herself completely in the research of “Who am I?” to “expand and transcend the limitations of unconscious living”. And today she follows the footsteps of such teachers as Gangaji, Eckart Tolle and David Deida.

In 2007 Monica and Arne ushered in the rebirth of the new Creative Questions Card set, a sleek and sexy black and silver redesign sparked by a vision Monica had around the original yellow and blue deck, then called “Question Cards For A Better Life.”

There are 52 Creative Question cards, in the Creative Question set, addressing the 52 most important aspects of our lives. The enlightening 80-page Creative Questions Guidebook, that comes with the set explore, in depth, the meaning of each Creative Question card and gives you insightful inspiration that will impact your daily life, as well as giving you instructions on how to effectively use the Creative Question Cards. The cards come with an Organza bag and a card stand that makes it easy to display your daily card so you can see it often and be reminded to occupy your mind with what you want instead of the usual useless merry-go-round thoughts.

Stay away from bad questions

Arne Rantzen said, “It is important for us to know how the manifestation process really works, because we unconsciously use it all the time. We often asks ourselves bad questions and get unwanted results. Learning how to ask Good Questions will give you the result that you really want.

Asking questions is how you motivate yourself, but many of the questions you ask are discouraging or negating your well-being, like “What is wrong with me?” “Why am I always in trouble?” or “Why is this always happening to me?” I’ll tell you why. It’s because you’re asking for it,” Arne laughs, pointing to the fact that “mind must answer your questions to keep you sane. We tend to ask questions that are limiting. That’s why the Creative Question cards are such a valuable contribution in learning how to ask Good Questions.“

The Creative Question Approach is an invitation to turn around your whole life and point it in the direction that you really want to go. Creative Questions direct you to investigate many aspects of your life, not just improving your material world although they can certainly be used for that. They help point you to where you want to go with every aspect of your life, from your personal relationships, to your health, spiritual quest, life’s work, creative growth and more. “WHY AM I GOOD ENOUGH? WHY AM I WEALTHY? WHY AM I ADMIRED?

Advanced Coaching

Monica is the creator of the powerful one-year Online Advanced Coaching program “I created the “Expand Yourself and Change Your Life” coaching program to support people who want to truly understand and experience the power of Creative Questions”, Monica shared with pride and continued “Through this advanced coaching you will go deep and learn ho
w to embrace subconscious material, feelings and thoughts, that oppose your expansion, opening up “space” for you to be able to think, feel and be, more of who you truly are. This investigation is a profound and easy way to promote the qualities of your Natural State, such as gratitude, success and abundance.”

The 52 Online Advanced Coaching sessions are designed for you to thoroughly integrate the 52 vital Creative Questions by being guided to focus a whole week on each, so you can really expand and change your life.

Working with Creative Questions you connect with your own unlimited potential that already exists inside you. Then, in the advanced study of the power of questions, you learn how interconnected you are to the whole world. Monica offers a practice in her Online Advanced Coaching where she encourages participants to “offer their creative question to the world.” For example, if you ask a waitress in a restaurant “WHY ARE YOU SO HAPPY?” or “WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD AT YOUR JOB?” you would see a 30-second transformation in that stranger’s attitude and aura.

There is a lot more about Creative Questions – information and fun ways for you to play with them – at the Creative Questions website.

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