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Creative Home Remodeling Ideas For Garages

Jim Brown asked:

Some people have no use for the double garage portion of their home. Their homes are equipped with protection from the wind on both sides and the distance is relatively short to the back door should a downpour occur at any moment. The homeowners have some creative home remodeling ideas for garages that they want to use to give them better use of the space that a automobile would typically use.

Many exercise enthusiasts can envision a home gym in the place where the automobile used to be parked. They can see bright and cheery colors being painted on the wall to encourage them to exercise to a higher degree of fitness. They can also see their exercise equipment spread out with enough room to extend legs and stretch all parts of the body without having to worry about ever running into their exercise partner.

Other people have a passion for plants and need space to grow them to share with their best friends and their little business that they operate on the internet. The creative home remodeling projects would completely remove the garage from the home and create an indoor living environment that is perfect for plants to grow in. The remodeled space would have plant lights hung by the ceilings and tables for potting the plants and others for them to sit on and grow.

Many garages can be converted to be warehouses for home businesses. The creative home remodeling projects that they plan will include a shipping department that is a step away from where the inventory is stored on shelves. A computer system can be installed in a built-in cabinet to keep dust and dirt from damaging the electronic equipment. This space will reap the homeowner great rewards on their income tax as a space devoted to business and not to be used solely to house an automobile.

Some people consider garages to be living spaces that have not been finished. Even if the garage doors are never removed, homeowners are finding creative ways to disguise them. Some homeowners paint the doors with floral arrays and arches and turn the space into a Grecian garden spot complete with hot tub and sauna. These are delightful places for couples to spend quite evenings and enjoy the evening sunset white seated in comforting waters of a brand new Jacuzzi tub.

Some couples settle for half the space in the garage to do the things that they want to. The man of the house will usually use one side to store the riding lawnmower, hoses and various tools that he uses to remodel the home with. There can be a divider wall installed in these spaces to hide the clutter from guests, and the other side can be used for creative interests such as painting or quilting projects and a large mixture of other things that are of interest to the opposite sex.

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