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Creative Free Ways To Gain Backlinks

Ryan Ginster asked:

If you are a search engine marketer or website owner you know that search engines are important. You need to feed the search engine spiders with high quality unique content and authoritative relevant links back to your website. This process isn’t always easy and you will constantly need to think outside of the box. Here are some strategies that I’ve been using to gain high quality backlinks successfully for a few months now.


Squidoo is a creative website that allows anyone to create a free web page easily and write on any topic they choose. They also have a unique revenue sharing program in which you can make easy money with your free web page.

What most marketers don’t know is that the search engines love Squidoo. If you can get a few links back from Squidoo you can gain in the search engine rankings. I’ve been creating squidoo pages related to my niche for awhile now and my rankings have went through the roof! Setting up a free web page there is easy to do and can be quite fun.

It’s important that when you create a lens there you create some unique content relevant to your niche.

After you create your content you can configure it there with various options. It’s pretty self explanatory but you should keep in mind you want a QUALITY back link. Once you’ve configured all of the various options you should post your content with a link back to your website.

Extra Tip: Add a link from your website back to it. This will encourage your current visitors to visit it and interact while also getting your lens rankings higher. This will give your Squidoo a much needed boost.

Free Web Hosts

Free Web Hosts have been around for a long time and most of them out there possess a lot of authority with the search engines. They spider and rank these pages regularly. I usually make one page websites with a unique article and a link back to my site.

Free Blogs

Free blog hosts like Blog Spot and Blogger are owned by google. Google constantly spiders these pages and they make for good links. If you have the time, create a blog at one of the many free blog hosts and create some good relevant content. Post every other day for a couple of weeks. Make sure to drop a link to your website in each post.

Free Forums

There are many free forum hosts out there that will let you have your very own forum. These sites usually have a high page rank and are slightly aged. These can provide good rankings and a link back from them usually does well.

There are many other creative ways to get links back to your site. Try to think outside the box and constantly reinvent your linking strategies.

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