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Cabinets: Creating an Inviting and Creative Kitchen That Will Make Sparks Fly

Carmen Fontana asked:

For most homeowners, the kitchen is an all-purpose gathering room where good food is shared among good friends and loved ones. It may also be the locale where homework gets completed, craft projects are undertaken, and morning daydreams infiltrate the mind. Homeowners who enjoy multipurpose use out of their kitchens are most likely to want that room to be both an inviting and creativity-inspiring one.

With their emphasis on sharing so much free time together, “Family Fun” magazine readers often fall into that homeowner category. It’s no wonder then that the publication recently ran an article titled “Nurturing Creativity: Strategies for turning a home into a creative haven.”

Therein, the article’s author covered such creativity-inspiring ideas as creating with your junk, posting an idea list, making the most of your space, showcasing your work, having an ongoing project, joining in the fun, putting up prominent canvases, making room for music and giving art a second life.

Some of the families interviewed for the article came up with ingenious ways to infuse creativity throughout their kitchens. In particular, “the West family of Kissimmee, Fla., painted their kitchen cabinets with chalkboard paint so their kids can draw and play games while Mom and Dad cook.” The chalkboard surface “is a place for reminders, quotes and drawings” and it’s also a breeze to clean up. “A pail of water and a sponge are all it takes to wipe the [surface] clean and start again.”

The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing a creative kitchen, but a leading manufacturer of kitchen cabinets can provide you with the best selection of wood door styles, finishes, and decorative cabinet hardware to become artistic master of your domain. Chalkboard finishes are ideal for artsy kids, but adults can have just as much fun in the kitchen if their cabinets reflect their artistic leanings.

Wood kitchen cabinet finishes like honey spice, caramel, toffee, praline, and butter rum and ginger glazes lend that inviting coffee shop or corner bakery appeal to your kitchen, thereby creating the perfect inspirational ambience for the morning coffee drinker or budding baker in the family. Peppercorn, chocolate glaze, cabarnet, and oatmeal and malt glazes are kitchen cabinet finishes that sound good enough to eat. And they look that way too, meaning the amateur chef in the house will draw plenty of cooking inspiration from them.

Art lovers, painters, and color seekers too will enjoy the variety of finishes a leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer will afford them. Onyx, garnet, moss, pewter, kaffe, bisque and ivory are just some of the gorgeous hues they can wake up to every day to encourage their creative sparks.

Young or old, creativity can take place anytime, anywhere. When planning a home makeover, why not start with the kitchen cabinets? They serve as the room’s focal point and they afford you the most opportunity to let your personal style shine. After all, who couldn’t use a litte more inspiration in their life?

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