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When It's Time For A Dedicated Server

Craig Rowe asked:

A shared server works for a good deal of people, but when your website continues to grow and you simply need more bandwidth, software, or ram you need to look at investing in a dedicated server. A dedicated server not only gives you more control, bandwidth, software options, and ram it also gives you the security you need to ensure that your website is as secure as possible for both you and your website users. A dedicated server makes more sense for those that are going places and simply need more from their website.

Much of the problem with shared servers is that you are limited in your storage space as well as your bandwidth, which can turn visitors off from using your website and purchasing your products or services. You may also find with a shared server that there is a lot of down time because the server simply is not big enough for all of its users, especially if many of the hosted sites are high traffic and growing rapidly. This rush of activity often causes bottle necking which doesn’t allow your website to be as effective as possible.

E-commerce websites often have a difficult time utilizing a shared server, and a dedicated server can make all the difference. With a dedicated server you have a lot more options as far as software and even hardware solutions so that your Internet business functions a lot more smoothly. A dedicated server allows you to set up your own control panel and really micro-manage your website if that is what you want to do.

Dedicated servers just allow more options for those that have websites that are growing and businesses that are rapidly expanding. If you aren’t sure if you can pull it all off on your own when you switch to a dedicated server, you aren’t alone. Along with a dedicated server is managed hosting, which is a service provided by those that also offer dedicated servers. A managed hosting system is one that helps you oversee all of the technical aspects of a dedicated server in the way of hardware, software, your control panel, and more.

If you are not happy with the level of service you receive from your current web server in the way of transfer times, bandwidth, ram, and software options you may want to look into a dedicated server. A dedicated server costs a bit more, but the service you get in exchange is definitely worth it.

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