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Switch Off Time Management?

Michael Spindelman asked:

Have you ever worked on something that you were absolutely possessed about? You weren’t working you were obsessed. Time flew by, there were no hiccups and inspiration was in everything you did. You were performing at a level of high quality and you produced a lot. You were in a zone of contentment and clarity.

What you were experiencing was your brilliance. The end and the path were clear. For most people these moments are rare. But that not need be the case.

We have a tendency to think in tasks rather than outcomes. We clutter our lives on goals rather than the creating experiences. Then we wonder why we are stressed

We lust after achievement instead of filling our lives with true passion. Passion is filling, lust is exhausting. We tend to seek pride instead of satisfaction of fulfillment. Pride is something we feel internally. Satisfaction is what we experience when we have made an impact.

Time is actually a gift. How much of it we have is unknown. What if you only have today? How would you use it? Would you look at the people in your life differently? What impact would you make today? How would you treat your co-worker, family member, sibling, spouse, or child? Would you micro manage the time?

Time management is a focus on scheduling tasks. Those that need to get done with all the conflicting obligations we face when we are living someone else’s agenda. When you allow your purpose to live and your brilliance to breath, time disintegrates. The outcome is lasting and the result is larger than life.

If you shift your thinking to how you can become a creator instead of a tasker then you will begin to see time differently. Before you sit down to make a list of chores, (Tasks) think about how the outcome feels to you. Imagine how the results can positively change someone else’s life.

Maybe it’s time to get out of the slumber of your life. Try to remember when you were a kid and you absolutely loved today. Like when things really tasted great. When things got messy it was OK. As someone asked if you wanted to try something and you said sure. That trying was more important than being right. What about those days that you learned something new and that was great?

As you begin to plan awaken all your senses; the light, colors, size, distance, sounds, frequency, amplitude, smells, pungent, sweet, touch, hard, soft, of the place close or far, in the mountains or at sea level. The more real you make something before you do it the easier it is to live it.

As a kid, we pretended and that pretending became our reality. You can do the same thing with your planning. Can you recall where in your body those feelings of pretending originated? Here is a suggestion:

To really make it more real, try to move your thoughts from your head into your torso. Take a deep breath saying to yourself, “I am now entering the calm clear space!” exhale and strengthen the experience from a calm clear perspective. Repeat your breathing a few times repeating the expression. You will sense clutter disappearing.

When you actually begin the experience keep redirecting your thoughts back to this centered calm space. Whenever you feel your thoughts inside your head, take a breath and move them back to your torso.

Try this right now. On your next activity. Remember, it’s like shampooing; Apply, experience, and repeat. Be calm, be centered, be Brilliant. Keep returning your attention back to your centered space. That’s what you did as a kid. That’s when you were most brilliant. It’s when you were on purpose the most. It was the moments that time flew.

That was the zone. Why not relive it today and be complete in this moment and have fun. Invite others to join you. You might simply get a lot more done without the worries of what must be done.

Instead of working on tasks on a ToDo list you are experiencing the brilliance of the people around you. I wonder if you would accept, that is a last day worth living. Making it a life will generate memories to fill a universe.

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