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With an effervescent consumer culture marked by excessive credit card use, it is necessary to weed out the truths in managing your money. Your financial assets may not be in hot water at this time, but many Americans are finding themselves strapped for cash, downright broke or in serious debt.

There are many steps to take in navigating most everyone’s goal of perfect credit. Low interest rate credit cards, for example, are a wonderful way to erase embarrassing credit histories marked by those student loans you forgot to pay 10 years ago. However, micro-managing your finances may not be your best skill, so check out some helpful hints.

What You Should Keep in Mind:

• Learn how to budget your money! Use an Excel spreadsheet if need be.

• Keep track of all credit purchases and which card you paid with—many credit problems stem from prior planning and disorganization.

• If you choose a low interest rate credit card, try to find one that doesn’t charge an annual fee. They’re out there!

• Sign up for a credit card that offers online banking—it will save you much hassle when you can’t remember how much you threw down in Atlantic City last week.

• See if a card you’re interested in charges minimum and maximum balance transfer fees and choose accordingly.

• Take late fees into consideration—even if you’re the most organized person on the face of the Earth. Everyone slips once in awhile.

• See if your low-interest rate credit card’s fees can be raised so you won’t run into surprises.

If you are used to making default payments, it’s a habit to consider dropping as quickly as possible. reports that many companies have considered the needs of those who aren’t in best standing with Equifax. One of the top credit cards they researched in their low interest rate credit card reviews is Advanta Life of Balance Platinum Card.

Not only does a card of this caliber offer those on the borderline of debt six percent cash rebates, customers receive amazingly low interest rates and no annual fee. There are many other credit cards available for those seeking low APR’s, which could greatly increase your shots at financial stability.

However, keeping on top of your expenses can be challenging and we sympathize with those who aren’t mathematicians. But, last-minute borrowing from your personal portfolio isn’t something to resort to every time you forget to pay a bill.


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