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How Moshi Pillows Have Managed to be Part of Thousands of Households

Muna wa Wanjiru asked:

Created in Japan for the first time, Moshi pillows are now sold all over the world, being part of thousands of households. As they come in a great variety of shapes and colors, Moshi pillows satisfy the taste of the most hard-to-please customers; people are usually charmed by the mushy feeling they get when holding the pillows. This effect is triggered by the use of micro-size beads in the interior filling of the Moshi pillows; these beads actually adjust when the slightest kind of pressure is applied to them, hence the squishy feeling we were talking about.

When they were first launched on the market, Moshi pillows came in several shapes and colors only, whereas now you can actually match them to any model of furniture and even to curtains. The most common decorative shapes are triangular, oval, square and round but there are some Moshi pillows that are designed in the most curious of ways. Giant red lips, diamonds, cartoon characters, hearts, boxing gloves and so on are but a few of the varied designs used for Moshi pillows. Like in many other domains, variety has no limits. Have a look over some catalogs or take a tour of a shop and you’ll see how many choices you’ve got.

Kids and adolescents are simply crazy about Moshi pillows, not only can they get to decorate their private space with great cartoon characters, but they can also relate to their hobbies in the most artistically pleasant way. Here, we particularly refer to the Moshi pillows shaped like basketballs, soccer balls or boxing gloves. The compact size of such decorative items makes them ideal for traveling too; the kids are the happiest when they can actually take a “virtual” companion with them. Having the Moshi pillows in the car would be like Batman traveling with them: such items keep the children occupied and happy during a trip.

Moshi pillows can be used everywhere in the house regardless of the functionality of each room: from kitchen to bedroom, they make great decorative items. Studies showed that holding a Moshi pillow allows the body to relax eliminating negative energies such as stress; this effect is the result of the soft muscle massage that is triggered by the bead arrangement and rearrangement. All in all, Moshi pillows are both beautiful and functional, occupying a top place in the popularity charts when it comes to defining favorite decorative items.

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