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Home Based Business: Where Does Your Accountibility Lie?

Jennifer Patton asked:

You have entered into a journey of free enterprise in your home based business. A network marketing business that is your own, where you call your own shots, you make your own hours, and you control your own destiny. But now the question of accountability comes up. Who are you really accountable to in your home business and how can that accountability help you or hurt you?

What exactly is accountability? As defined by Merriam- Webster’s Dictionary accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. In your home business this may mean being responsible to yourself, to your business partners and teammates, and to the business that you are representing.

Let’s start with being accountable to yourself. Your home business is now your livelihood- whether it be full or part time- and you must decide what you are going to make of it. How are you going to set yourself up to be sure that you accomplish what you set out to do in your home based business? Do you have the self motivation to do what it takes everyday or are you one to procrastinate unless you have someone looking over your shoulder?

Either way it is best to set yourself up early on with a checks and balances system. In setting this up not only are you following a guideline for your business but you are also setting up habits that will assist you as you move forward everyday. With this guideline you are able to end each day seeing if you accomplished what you set out to do, keeping your finger on the pulse of what is working for you and what is not, and holding yourself responsible for the steps you are taking in running your business.

This outline can be as simple or as detailed as it needs to be depending on your personality. Some examples of what can be in your guideline can include: the number of people you are going to connect with and introduce your business to, the number of hours you are going to protect to work your business, a specific email you are going to get out to your pipeline, the number of calls you are going to make, what personal development you are going to do for the day- the list can go on and on.

In making this list keep in mind that you want to keep your daily goals attainable yet a little uncomfortable. This will keep you growing but yet not discourage you by being out of reach no matter what you do. Don’t beat yourself up if you do not cross off each and every item. Instead reflect on why you didn’t get to that item and figure out how you can get to it the next day.

As you make yourself accountable for your personal actions in your home business, you are leading up to your responsibility to your team members. Whether you are in the position of being a team leader or not, you have certain duties that come with being a professional business developer. Each business is different in how it is run, but in most home businesses, success is derived by duplication. To be able to reach this point you have got to decide what your role in your team is going to be and how responsible you want to make yourself in assisting others to the success that they desire.

Now, as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink, the same is true for your team members and the success they have for their business. You are accountable for your actions and your actions alone, but your actions will determine how others respond and become responsible for themselves. People follow what they see and what they learn so in being accountable to yourself and your team you are teaching your team to be accountable to themselves and their team.

So in what ways are you accountable for the contribution of your team? First, don’t take on a duty that you cannot perform. Whether it be running a team forum or prospecting clinic, giving a presentation, making an appointment for a three way call be organized enough yourself to know that you are going to be able to be there. Yes, emergencies do come up but in today’s society of high tech you can conduct the business you appointed yourself to almost anywhere.

Next, share what you know and what you learn. Keeping important knowledge to yourself is not only being selfish but holding your team back. If you learn something exciting and good for your business share it. In turn you will receive information others have learned increasing your knowledge and shortening your learning curve in your quest for success.

Finally, set up an accountability plan within your team. Many team leaders within home based businesses encourage their new business partners to send them a daily email. This is not to micro-manage but to teach people how to become accountable to themselves and really examine what they have accomplished in a day. Sometimes, you may believe that you are really getting less done than you think but until you put it down on paper you do not realize what else you could have accomplished that day.

Your final accountability factor lies in your responsibility to the business that you are representing. Although you are in free enterprise you are most likely still selling a companies products or services and therefore should still conduct yourself professionally. Treat your business as a business and others will respect what you do and who you represent. Do not misrepresent to people what you are selling, the price you are selling it at, how it works, or any other aspect of your business.

Integrity becomes an important factor in your accountability. Be true to yourself, true to your team, and true to your business. The key to making your business work and expanding your team is setting up your responsibilities from day one. Determine your strengths and weaknesses and work on them both.

Accountability-the willingness to be responsible for one’s own actions. Use this and you will master one key to becoming successful in your home business.


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