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Guide to Reseller Hosting

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Hosting reseller program is one in which there is uncompromising quality in both customer support and server solutions. Many techie entrepreneurs have entered the world of web hosting reseller accounts and have made a small fortune by providing excellent service to their purchasers. Web hosting is a hot business and there are many types of companies that offer a variety of ways to get your site up and running smoothly and efficiently. From companies that offer dedicated servers and virtual servers to those that provide shared or reseller accounts, there are plenty of choices for anyone who needs a place to park their website.

In order to start you own reseller business, you must first purchase space on an existing server. Basically, a company purchases bulk space and then resells it in smaller amounts to those who need space for their own sites. Resellers are the middle men and can make a profit from reselling their own space to others. For instance, if someone purchases 60 MB of space and chooses to sell off 50 MB among several clients, it is reselling original space. These accounts are administrated through the original server and while the reseller of these accounts provides the personal contact with clients regarding questions and purchases, the business that handles the large server actually does the maintenance.

When a client runs into a problem that cannot be handled by the person reselling the account, he will have to wait for the company to fix the problem. A person that resells is not responsible for maintenance and can run into difficulty with clients as a result. Being a middle man is not without its positives and negatives and it is important that an entrepreneur that wants to offer the hosting reseller program be as knowledgeable as possible in the computer technical field. Offering generally a low cost start up possibility, successful hosting businesses do require lots of technical knowledge and unlimited commitment to a business that executes a non-stop operation.

If you are interested in starting this type of enterprise, keep in mind that you will need to know a good bit about IT as well as have a good general knowledge of financial strategies. It doesn’t hurt to have had experience in other types of computer related transactions such as ecommerce, web design, or technical maintenance. An understanding of servers, software, and HTML are important as well. Many businesses hire experts in computer science to provide support and maintenance for a full fledged hosting company although it is not always necessary.

Many people have acquired the IT skills necessary for the Internet world without having had a formal education in technology. No matter what your education, always be sure, however, that you can handle whatever is thrown at you if you are considering offering the hosting reseller program through your enterprise. Selling space purchased on another server is generally offering web hosting reseller accounts for a fee and then making a profit on the sales. If you purchase server space from another company, you can then micro manage the space and sell portions of it to customers for a higher price than what you previously paid.

Since you do not own the server or manage the technical aspects of the server, you cannot perform certain functions for your customers such as maintenance and troubleshooting. When anything arises, you will have to field calls from clients and wait until the problem is resolved. If you wish to graduate to a larger business enterprise, you can purchase a server yourself and offer space to many more customers. It is wise to stay below your allocated server space in order to have a buffer in case of problems. When you reach your maximum limits, it is then best to consider owning or leasing your own server for more earning potential as well as added consumer benefits. Of course, this again, will require good IT knowledge or at the least, excellent support staff who can field technical problems and questions.

There are hundreds of companies that offer services to clients but the one thing that can set apart any business is the online or phone support. If you can provide support 24/7 and answer most problems within the day of receipt, you can be on the front lines of a successful server business. Support is more important than purchase price to many consumers so make sure that you offer superb support and you have the chance of leaving many companies in the dust. You can find a wealth of information from many online sources regarding the web hosting reseller accounts business. “Thou are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

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