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Credit Card Debt – How to Address it

Cornie Herring asked:

rd debt is the worst kind of debt because it builds very quickly, but it goes down slowly. Beside carrying highest interest rate among all other debts, credit card debt rolls up quickly with many other forms of finance charges such as late fees, over limit charges and so on. It is the number-one kind of debt discharged in bankruptcy. You should do your best to prevent yourself being trapped into credit card debt and the best prevention is abstinence.

There are some points to consider if you really want to knock down your credit card debt:

1. Pay close attention to your interest rates

Doing some micro-manage on your credit card debt by transferring the credit card balance to the card with lower interest rate can save you some interest while helping you to get rid of it faster as you can pay more toward the principal. Always be on the lookout for a better rate, pay close attention to the terms and conditions to ensure the interest rate still remain lower than your current cards before you decide to transfer the balance to the card. Some balance-transfer packages offered by the bank have extreme low interest rate during the first few months and the interest rate will jump high once the promotion period is over.

2. Don’t be afraid to talk to the credit card compan

Many people are afraid to talk to the people from the credit card companies especially with the debt collectors, because it can be harassing and unpleasant. But, by letting the credit card companies know that you have no money to pay them right now, some companies may give you some waivers by lowering your monthly payments for a time or work out a special payment arrangement with you. So, it can’t hurt to ask. What a lot of consumers don’t realize is that you can sometimes get a better interest rate simply by calling the credit card company and asking for it.

3. Keep making the same total payment

If you total credit card payments are $500 per month, keep paying this amount even you have paid off a few of your credit cards. Apply the extra money to the credit card with the highest interest rate, and just keep going on with the same total payments every month until all the debt is paid.

4. Get professional help if needed

If you find that you have difficulties to pay your debt, or the total monthly minimum payment of your credit cards is beyond your financial affordability and you are unable to handle it, then you may need to get professional help. There are many organizations such as credit counseling service that can provide help to those who are facing serious debt problem. Don’t afraid or shy to get help, the earlier you face your debt problem and get the necessary help, the more options available for you to get rid of it.


Credit card debt is the worst kind of debt that you can’t afford to delay it, address it as earlier as possible so that you have more options to get rid of it.

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