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Sumtotal Gives Hr Pros Way to Rapidly Deploy Performance Management Software

Sumtotal Systems asked:

SumTotal® Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUMT), a global provider of talent and learning management solutions, has launched ResultsOnDemand – Performance for HR professionals who want to rapidly deploy software that either builds or manages systems for employee performance and compensation.

“Whether you’re looking to automate performance appraisals for the first time or apply technology to inspire the way you currently assess your talent, ResultsOnDemand provides an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for employees and employers,” said Jon Ciampi, SumTotal’s vice president and general manager for OnDemand Solutions. “ResultsOnDemand offers HR pros a way to manage employee appraisals, goals, succession planning and compensation.”

As reported by IDC in research titled “Worldwide Workforce Performance Management 2007 – 2011 Forecast,” 59 percent of respondents to a survey about performance management processes noted that they either rely on a paper-based system for things like succession planning and employee appraisals or have no system in place at all.

“Clearly, many HR pros have the need for a better way to do business,” said Ciampi. “So we’ve introduced a product with performance appraisal workflows that mirror the best practices of hundreds of employers.”

ResultsOnDemand – Performance is SumTotal’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) model for analyzing performance over the Internet. SumTotal’s rapid-deployment performance product includes:

– a module that gives employers web-based performance appraisals that turn annual reviews into a quick-and-easy daily – or weekly – activity,

– goals management with a cascading structure that shows how an employee’s aims marry up with an employer’s business objectives,

– tools for allowing peers, supervisors and direct reports to offer feedback on someone’s performance,

– systems for evaluating talent pools and paths for succession planning,

– a module for managing pay, including merit increases and bonuses, and

– a sophisticated synchronization technology, which users tap to access the system either on-line or off-line.

“ResultsOnDemand can quickly become the foundation for an HR team that wants to put in place a process for managing employee performance, or it’s flexible enough to map to the way an organization already evaluates employee performance,” said Ciampi. “Either way, this new SaaS offering spells two things: first, speedy implementations and second, continuously applied enhancements, instead of periodically applied improvements over a long release cycle.”

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