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Some Common Skills and Abilities of Successful Project Manager

Jyoti Bhusal asked:

Every Successful manager needs some skills. Project Managers are those who should have some specific skills to be successful in any projects. They should have ‘know-how’ ideas about the projects. Some of the essential skills are listed as:

General Skills & Abilities:

• Effective planning for project.

• Control on scope, schedule and budget of projects.

• Reporting upper Management.

• Finding the deliverables, costs and schedules of projects

• Communicating with the critical departments for team building.

• Co-ordination of the projects.

• Project control and management.

Performance and Training Abilities:

• Plan, manage and control projects more successfully

• Increase project cooperation and communication between departments and functions

• Coordinate the tasks more effectively between departments

• Enhance the spirit of teamwork among project team members with a motivating team building training

• Reduce new product development cycle with product development training

• Deliver more projects consistently on time and within budget

• Reduce the time required to plan and stay on top of successful projects

• Provide management, clients or customers with the project information they require

• Apply the Project Management Life Cycle and the Project Planning Process

• Define up-front project scope and deliverables even when your client/customer isn’t sure what they really want

• Use the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to more clearly identify work requirements

• Develop more accurate and realistic time and performance estimates. Etc

• Schedule projects more accurately using CPM and PERT networking techniques

• Spot problems and correct behind schedule conditions more quickly

• Control schedule timeliness and work flow by using proven management techniques

• Manage multiple projects without losing effectiveness

• Enhance the people skills to effectively motivate and communicate with the project team

• Implement proven conflict management techniques to help team members work together with team building training

• Anticipate problems and develop contingency plans through Critical Risk Analysis

• Close out projects completely using a close-out checklist that ensures details are taken care of.

• Perform project post-mortem reviews to identify project management strengths and weaknesses


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