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Shelly Cruz asked:

In today’s current business environment many managers and supervisors roles have shifted to becoming more hands on working managers required to produce results and manage at the same time. This approach limits a manager’s time to manage people effectively. Mangers struggle with the pressure to produce outcomes and manage their people at the same time. Employees struggle with a lack of clear direction and support.

To be more effective, this new role demands that mangers develop and hone their managerial skill levels to heights never seen before. To assist with this development many mangers are turning to coaches to help them grow, develop and refine their skills.

There are many different approaches to coaching. This article focuses on Corporate Learning Institutes “On Target” Performance Coaching Approach. This approach guides and develops participants towards becoming highly effective managers in:

Setting and obtaining team and individual goals while balancing priorities

Providing team and individual performance feedback

Creating a motivating, dynamic and satisfying work environment

Managing conflicts

Building bridges with other departments

Utilizing support resources

Managing outside distractions

Communication effectiveness

Holding people to performance accountabilities

The net result for management coaching is increased performance as a manager along with individual growth and personal development.

The overarching framework to the On Target Coaching process includes helping participants clarify their Direction (goals, purpose, or vision), aligning their Intentions (motivation and commitment) and strengthening their Approach (management skills and personality) all while learning to gain effective organizational Support and managing the Outside Impact of the world around them. The result is having effective managers who are On Target at all times.

The “On Target” approach utilizes a foundation of proven management tools that the coaches learns, applies and develops skills around.

The On Target coaching itself is accomplished using an interactive Socratic Method with a focus on work performance and application. A typical coaching session may include discussion, learning tools, role-playing, creating next step action items, application assignments and an accountability review.

In between coaching sessions, participants join online discussions with coaches and other participants creating a means to continue learning and obtain real time advice.Coaching sessions are typically about two hours in length. Coaching sessions can be on going in nature for long-term skill development or short-term quick fix sessions.

Mangers find with effective coaching and integrated skill development that they can more effectively be both being hands doers and effective managers of others.

For more information regarding On Target Performance Coaching, please contact The Corporate Learning Institute at-1-800-203-6734

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