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Getting Started on your Employee Performance Management Initiative: Six Questions Every Hr Pro Should Answer

Sumtotal Systems asked:

If you’re an HR professional looking to start an Employee Performance Management initiative in the next year, most consultants would recommend that you ask these key questions:

1. What is your current EPM process?

2. What’s driving your EPM needs?

3. In your organization, what are the most important features of an EPM?

4. Would you expect to integrate with other HR systems?

5. What challenges would you expect to face in getting your initiative started?

6. How would you deploy your EPM?

A recently survey of a global sample of more than 20,000 HR professionals on these six crucial aspects of EPM, and found a common dilemma — tremendous need for online employee performance management tools, thwarted by a lack of resources. This isn’t surprising considering the current statistics: According to the Bersin & Associates Performance Management 2006 Study, “only 32% of organizations have a consistent, enterprise-wide approach to this important business process.” 1

Respondents to our survey, though overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the possibility of implementing Employee Performance Management (EPM) software, cited internal time, resources, and budget as enormous barriers. The majority also preferred software installed on their own servers — but this approach is the most taxing to already-stretched internal resources. The solution: Business Process Outsourcing may be the most cost-effective way to remove the burden from your IT and HR teams.

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