Leadership Styles

The Leadership Style of the Agency and Quality Systems

Olivia Hunt asked:

Many companies measure their research and development performance, associated with their business strategy process. The companies might vary their strategic business procedures, since they select most suitable alternatives and solutions to solve problems. As a result, there will be certain measurement criteria for the company performance, which relay and reflect the most successful alternatives to their most essential problems. At the agency, management is a mixture of many skills, such as leadership skills, management skills, and even technical skills. Since top managers continue the renewal of the skills, the project management should continue renewal of the skills, enhance their profession and broaden their knowledge skills.

Management accountants are the natural stewards of their business’ performance models to facilitate senior management’s constructive use of it. Deploying the tools descriptively and prescriptively to understand, monitor, and manage how the business really works is a prerequisite to making a significant performance contribution Assessment should be targeted to provide a path for the companies to improve their project management performance. Likewise, the agency can start with basic assessments by accomplishing assessment and proper evaluating areas. Thus, in order to achieve thorough assessment, top management should consider assessment procedures, such as individual or group interviews, gathering and evaluating data, the questionnaires as well as the survey should be broad enough to cover the company’s mission, and most importantly, benchmarking, comparing, and constricting the results to establish appropriate standards.

Mergers and acquisitions have become the waves of corporate strategies and consolidations, which has led to many business activities. Furthermore, bigger companies have increased concentration of corporate power and can control in larger urban areas. Integrated economies and geographical distance become the primary factors, sharpening distribution of economic power. Nevertheless, small cooperate structure can have economic advantages, increased the economic of scales and mobilized the operating expenses. Thus, operation expenses will be lower, and overall the consumers can enjoy the better product pricing strategy. Big is not necessarily beautiful in globalization perspectives.

Impacted by stakeholders’ demand and under the pressure of increasing the shareholders’ value, executive managements must drive for better financial results. Additionally, business framework should be restructured; workforces have changed the size; cost allocations have been carefully considered; operation expenses can be reduced. A different set of climate influences is found to be associated with both human resources and technical innovation. These attributes are related with and characterized by interaction, collaboration and professional relationships.

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